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What's New?

Mary Ellen Robinson
Chief Operating Officer

September 2015

Dear Friends,

            The Christophers welcome Pope Francis’ first visit to the United States during this month of September. We encourage everyone to pray that his trip is safe, joyful and productive. There are so many issues facing our society today that Pope Francis can address in guiding us towards a greater respect for the dignity of all human beings. Let us pray that his visit marks a moment of pause throughout our nation so that people really take the opportunity to reflect on the beautiful teachings of Christ that he inspires us to live out.

            We also encourage anyone who hasn’t read our News Note Pope Francis: The Roots of a Humble Leader to email or call us for a copy, and please invite others to do the same. This News Note captures the formative events in the Pope’s life from the time he was a child to the point of his election to the papacy. It is the perfect read for anyone interested in placing the moment of his upcoming visit into the greater context of his life.

            It is so heartening to hear of the positive influence our News Notes have on those who take the time to read and share them with others. We recently heard from Father Robert Glynn of Saint John’s and Saint Cornelius Parish in Caledon, Ontario. He prepares two hundred mailings every year to reach out to Confirmation candidates as well as their parents and sponsors. He encourages young people to read our Three Minutes a Day books and discuss their favorite stories once a week, and he gives parents and sponsors our News Notes to aid them in guiding the candidates in their lives. Father Glynn knows the readings have an impact based on the feedback he has received. He also mentions that our materials – and the good news they help to spread – offer a great counterbalance to the negative messaging found in so much media today.

            Speaking of good news, Tony Rossi, our Director of Communications, recently had the opportunity to visit the International Academy of Hope (iHope), a school founded two years ago for children who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. Because iHope’s founder, Patrick Donohue, won a Christopher Award just a few months ago, Tony was happy to witness their work firsthand. Though he thought the environment might be somber because of the children’s medical conditions, the opposite was true. Tony found iHope to be a place of joy, and that all stems from the love and compassion that the staff there shows toward their students. It was a memorable experience that he described as “a vision of heaven.” You can read Tony’s reflections on our blog at http://www.patheos.com/blogs/christophers/2015/08/a-vision-of-heaven-in-central-harlem-ihope-finds-beauty-amid-brokenness/.

             Please know that you and your loved ones are being remembered in our prayers. God Bless You!




Mary Ellen Robinson

Vice President/COO


“The New York Leadership staff enjoys a visit with inspiring Detroit Instructor, Gloria Henry (second from the left).”