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What's New?

Mary Ellen Robinson
Chief Operating Officer

May 2015

Dear Friends,

               In the month of May, The Christophers gather to celebrate the 66th Annual Christopher Awards. This year’s James Keller Award will be bestowed upon Patrick Donohue, who took the personal tragedy of his newborn daughter’s traumatic brain injury and turned it into a mission to help as many families in similar situations as he possibly could. He has pioneered an evidence-based system of care for children suffering from TBI and founded a school that caters to their specific needs, with a plan to start more schools in major cities across the country.

Our Christopher Spirit Award will go to ABC News’ docu-series NY Med, which chronicles daily life in a hospital with all the tension, heartache, hope and sacrifice at play between patients, their families, doctors, nurses and caregivers. One of the highlights of this show is the humanization of those in the medical field as the producers take the time to allow individual doctors and nurses to reveal what motivates them to pursue a life of service. 

Our Christopher Poster Contest for High School Students has recently been completed. First prize went to Christian Kobal of Cypress Ranch High School in Cypress, Texas, whose poster so beautifully brought forth the values of loyalty and friendship found in companionship with a physically handicapped player on his football team. Second prize went to Annaliza Dennis of Lake Highland High School in Maitland, Florida, for her poster highlighting a mission trip she took to Costa Rica, where she helped dig wells and build houses for families. And third prize went to Dorothy Tang of Regional High School in Old Tappan, New Jersey, for her impressive hand-drawn depiction of a young girl being teased by two other girls while a helping hand reaches out to reveal how a simple gesture of kindness can pierce the cycle of cruelty and bullying in schools.     

            We offer a special thank you to our donors for all your wonderful suggestions for News Notes, your support of our programs, and for your prayers.  




Mary Ellen Robinson

Vice President/COO


“The New York Leadership staff enjoys a visit with inspiring Detroit Instructor, Gloria Henry (second from the left).”