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How You Can Help

      For more than six decades, we've had the opportunity to share our positive message of faith and hope through our News Notes, radio and TV programs, leadership courses and student contests, and honored some of the most prestigious members of the community with Christopher Awards.  We have been able to continue Father Keller's good work because of the generosity of our "Christopher Friends."

      When donating, please be assured that The Christophers does not lend, rent, exchange, or sell our mailing list.

      There are several ways you can make a donation to help support The Christophers.  They are:


Make a gift to The Christophers and help us spread our message.


Make a recurring gift and become an official sponsor.


Click on the image below to make a donation while keeping your payment information private.




Complete the electronic fund transfer form to authorize regular donations directly from your account.


Shop online at over 700 brand name stores and turn your purchases into donations!  Visit and choose The Christophers as your cause, or simply use this link to register.


It is most heartening to find Christopher friends who wish to continue their interest in Christopher projects through estates, trusts and/or annuities. This forms a living memorial to work that keeps on spreading and growing. Your gift through an estate, trust or annuity plan will help us to ensure that the Christopher mission--the same one begun by Father Keller almost 70 years ago--will live on forever. Won't you consider helping us continue his legacy for The Christophers?

For further information please contact Mary Ellen Robinson at (212) 688-1522.



Will your employer add a matching gift to your donation? Use this form to make your gift!


Make a gift in the name of or in memory of another person.  If you wish, we will send a letter to inform others of your gift.