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“You are a candle in the darkness.”
The above saying in your Easter letter really touched my soul. The Christophers lit my candle when I was a teenager – which was a lifetime ago. Somehow I am still flickering at 83!!! The Christopher message is an ongoing source of light and guidance for me. I am fed daily by my Christopher calendar, which hangs on my refrigerator. Life has changed in my ‘Golden Years,’ but I am still trying to keep those candles lit by sending the Christopher calendar to my friends and family. Happy 70th!! Gratefully yours, Mary H., California

“Congratulations on your 70th Anniversary. My late husband, James Carr, started giving to The Christophers in 1952, and we continued to support it since that time.”

Huntsville, NC


“When I realized that The Christophers were celebrating their 70th Anniversary, I was so thrilled and decided to send a gift. I am 91 years old. When my husband came home from overseas in 1946, we lived in Michigan. I had been hearing about Father Keller and bought his first edition of ‘Three Minutes a Day.’  I also bought ‘You Can Change the World.’  Over the years I gave those books for gifts. We were transferred to Kentucky and we raised 6 children. Off and on, I would get the Christopher News Notes,  mostly because we moved 5 times.  I would like to receive five copies of Volume 50 of ‘Three Minutes a Day.’ I will continue to support The Christophers.”

- L.C. Louisville, Kentucky.


“I have been receiving your wonderful News Notes for over 60 years and have shared them with my family of 5 children (all married) and 23 grandchildren. And now we have 36 great grandchildren.

Thank you and God bless you.

Grandma Kaye



I turned 70 this year also, so you could say the Christophers and I grew up together. The first 'devotional' book I owned was given to me by my mother when I was 14: Make Each Day Count by Fr. Keller, copyright 1955. I still have it. We watched the TV show every week and later I realized that I had adopted in action the Christopher motto "Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness". In the 1970s during the Jesus Movement days when so many other churches seemed so much more vibrant and appealing there were only two things that kept me Catholic: my love for the Eucharist and that motto. If we had the Eucharist, the true light, I would remain Catholic and hold my candle. I would not leave the church but try to be in it all that I admired in those other churches. Now I teach RCIA and I share the importance of having a motto in our lives. When we are just a bit adrift it can steady us while we regain our bearings. Happy 70th, Christophers. Mary Jo



Dear Christophers,

Happy 70th Anniversary! May the Blessings continue as you provide inspiration and hope to so many people. I have been enjoying The Christopher News Notes for many years. After I read them I share them with other people, family or friends. Thank you for keeping the light of Christ shining for each of us! 


 Ann Sardegna, Germantown, WI



I hadn’t heard of the “Christophers” in 2004 when I found a Millennial Edition of a book titled “Better To Light One Candle” at a garage sale. Under the title it said “The Christophers’ Three Minutes a Day”.

I opened it to see what it was about and read “When Father James Keller founded the “Christophers-----“. 

I knew I had to have the book.

In 1950 I prayed to St. Christopher to bring my husband home safely from Korea. I promised to name my first born son Christopher. My prayer was answered and in 1954 my first born was named Christopher  Keller.  In 1999 Christopher was buried next to his father who died in 1978.

-B. Keller



Although I am 79 years old, I have found the “[Christopher News] Notes” to be an unfailing tool of “Evangelization” for a person (myself included) who doesn’t use other forms of “media”. (Praise God for “Notes”!!) May our merciful Lord continue to richly Bless all of You who serve His Kingdom so generously!  - Janet Walters



In 1951 Father Edwin Mc Devitt, a Maryknoll priest, came to the Catholic High School I attended. He, of course, was there to recruit future seminarians. I told him that I didn’t feel that I had a calling to the priesthood, but would be willing to see if I did, if Maryknoll would accept me. They did, and I studied with them. I read Father Keller’s book You Can Change the World. During the four years at Maryknoll I learned a lot, but it became obvious that the priesthood was not my vocation. Indeed, all of the students were given psychological tests. The rector stated to me that all the other students responded different than I. He wished I would take a leave of absence, but my career came to be words from Father Keller, “Aim to serve, not be served.” What a gift! For fifty-five plus years, this was my life and that
- Thank You, Jim Ryder