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The 68th Annual
Christopher Awards
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(From l to r) Author Arthur Fleischmann (Winner, "Carly's Voice"), The
Christophers' V.P. Mary Ellen Robinson, author Colleen Carroll Campbell
(Winner, "My Sisters the Saints"), author Nicole Lataif (Winner, "Forever You")
(From l to r) Author Eric Blehm (Winner, "Fearless"), The Christophers' V.P.
Mary Ellen Robinson, The Christophers' Chairman of the Board John Flaherty,
author Mark Shriver (Winner, "A Good Man")
(From l to r) Catholic New York's John Woods, The Christophers' Tony Rossi,
and Catholic New York's Matthew Schiller and Juliann DosSantos
(From l to r) Diana Costine, RN (New York Presbyterian Hospital),
Producer Sarah Namias (Winner, "NY Med"),
Producer Erica Baumgart (Winner, "NY Med")
(From l to r) Producer Erica Baumgart (Winner, "NY Med"),
Dr. Debbie Yi (New York Presbyterian Hospital),
Marina Dedivanovic, RN (New York Presbyterian Hospital),
The Christophers' Director of Communications Tony Rossi,
Diana Costine, RN (New York Presbyterian Hospital)
Kevin Tedesco (Publicist, "60 Minutes"), Producer (From l to r)
Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson (Winner, "60 Minutes: Joy in the Congo"),
NBC News correspondent Bob Dotson
(Presenter of the Books for Adults category),
Correspondent Bob Simon (Winner,, "60 Minutes: Joy in the Congo")
Fox 5 broadcaster and Christopher Awards Master of Ceremonies
Ernie Anastos reviews the script with Tony Rossi
(From l to r) Writer John Mulderig, Sean O'Hare, Mary Gabriel,
"Verily" magazine's Monica Gabriel, and The Christophers' Tony Rossi
The Christophers' Mary Ellen Robinson with "Blue Bloods" star Len Cariou
(From l to r) Dr. Rishi Madhok, Dr. Debbie Yi and Marina Dedivanovic,
RN from New York Presbyterian Hospital
Fox 5's Ernie Anastos with NBC News' Bob Dotson
Fox 5's Ernie Anastos with "60 Minutes" correspondent Bob Simon
The Christophers' Tony Rossi with two-time Christopher Award winning author Joan Bauer

Mary Ellen Robinson/COO of The Christophers is joined by Instructors
and friends of the Christopher Leadership Course.
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