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The 68th Annual
Christopher Awards
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The 66th Annual Christopher Awards
Celebrating Films, TV Programs and Books that affirm the highest values of the human spirit...


 MC Ernie Anastos
Father Jonathan Morris, and James Keller Award winner Patrick Donohue
 (James Keller Award winner Patrick Donohue, his daughter Sarah Jane who inspired
his work on behalf of children with traumatic brain injuries,
and his colleagues from the International Academy of Hope)
(l to r. The Christophers COO Mary Ellen Robinson, POV Communications manager
Brian Geldin, “POV: When I Walk” directors/producers Jason DaSilva and Alice Cook 
 (Accepting the Christopher Spirit Award for “NY Med” are senior series
producer Monica DelaRosa, series producer Aysu Grodowski,
supervising producer Erica Baumgart, series producer Andy Genovese,
and executive producer Terence Wrong.)
 (Fr. Jonathan Morris presents Tim Shriver’s Christopher Award for
“Fully Alive” to his son Sam Shriver)
 (Fr. Jonathan Morris presents Wendy Holden’s Christopher Award for
“Haatchi and Little B” to her editor Marcia Markland.)
 (Fr. Jonathan Morris presents Yochi Dreazen’s Christopher Award for
“The Invisible Front” to the subjects of the book,
retired Major General Mark Graham and his wife Carol.)
 (Fr. Jonathan Morris presents Christopher Award for
“Jesus: A Pilgrimage” to Father James Martin)
 (Editor Kerri Kolen accepts author Saroo Brierley’s Christopher Award for “A Long Way Home”)
 (Author Kerry Weber accepts Christopher Award for “Mercy in the City”)
 (Author Nicole Lataif and illustrator Katy Betz accept Christopher Award for “I Forgive You”)
 (Author Lois Brandt and illustrator Vin Vogel accept Christopher Award for “Maddi’s Fridge”)
 (Accepting the Christopher Award for Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver’s “Here’s Hank:
Bookmarks Are People Too!” is Editor-in-chief at
Penguin Young Readers/Early Readers/ Grosset & Dunlap Bonnie Bader.)
 (Accepting the Christopher Award for “Hope Springs” author Eric Walters is the Executive
Editor of MacMillan’s Childrens Publishing Group – Wesley Adams.)
 (“Eliza Bing is Not a Big, Fat Quitter” author Carmella Van Vleet accepts her
Christopher Award alongside the inspiration for the character of Eliza, her daughter Abigail.)
(Accepting the Christopher Award for “Selma” is the Vice President of Publicity
for Paramount Pictures, Monica Sheldon.)
 (Executive producer G. Mac Brown accepts Christopher Award for “St. Vincent.”)
 (Director/executive producer Carolyn Jones and producer Lisa Frank 
accept Christopher Award for “The American Nurse”)
 (“The Gabby Douglas Story” Christopher Awards went to executive producer and
Gabby’s mom Natalie Hawkins and director Gregg Champion.)
(Host and executive producer Bruce Feiler accepts Christopher Award 
for “Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler: Lourdes.”)
 (Executive producers Joel Rice and Michael Prupas accept Christopher Award
for “Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas.”)
 (Accepting the Christopher Award for “48 Hours: The Whole Gritty City” are producer and
co-executive producer Richard Barber, and co-executive producer Judy Tygard.)