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Christopher Awards Testimonials

“In an awards environment that is all ego, it is refreshing to have the Christopher Awards around to remind us all of the real purpose of our work. Without much fanfare or hoopla, and with the simple grace that echoes their objectives perfectly, The Christophers reaffirm the best impulses we have – that is to transform humanity for the better with our hard work, compassion and art.”

Ken Burns, Director/Producer/Executive Producer, Winner of multiple Christopher Awards


“I keep my Christopher Life Achievement Award on a shelf in our library, right at eye level, because I’m immensely proud of it, but also in the hope that those who don’t know what it is will ask. That then gives me the chance to talk about the bedrock values The Christophers stand for and why having my work so honored means worlds to me.” 

– David McCullough, Author, “John Adams” 2001 Christopher Award (Book for Adults), 2008 Christopher Life Achievement Award


“Being recognized with a Christopher Award is important to all of us who worked on ‘Gravity.’ [Astronaut] Ryan [Stone’s]  journey in the film is about overcoming tremendous physical adversity, and equally important, personal pain and loss.  Discovering the relationship  between the two is at the heart of the film and her triumph is truly one of the human spirit, which is what the Christopher Awards are about.” 

– Chris DeFaria, Executive Producer of “Gravity”

“The Christophers was the most meaningful award our team won. The spirit of the award, emphasizing lives devoted to helping others and improving the world, matched our deep conviction that the caregivers we film, who labor heroically with little material reward or recognition, are especially deserving subjects of our documentaries. Praising medical workers sounds like a cliché up until the moment  where one needs their help at which point they become the most important people you ever met. The Christopher felt like an award given to not only us, but to the worthy individuals we portrayed.” 

– Terence Wrong, Executive Producer of ABC News’s docu-series “NY Med”

"I am very honored to have received the Christopher Award, and feel doubly blessed, having read in the program book, of the great heritage that informs the offering of this Award. It pleases me greatly, particularly as such rare projects like The King's Speech that connect artists and audiences with themes that value 'the better angels of our nature,' are rare events in a career path."

– Geoffrey Rush, 2011 Christopher Award winner for “The King's Speech”

“Storytelling is at its best when it topples ignorance and opens us to others, but these days it is difficult to tell such tales. The media mirror reflects mostly celebrity and power. That’s why I cherish the Christopher Award for my book ‘American Story: A Lifetime Search for Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things.’ The honor recognizes the importance of seeking the stories of people who are ruled by courage and love, who endure no matter what the challenge and reshape our world for the better. They may feel they are not particularly important; the Christopher Award tells them the very opposite.”

– Bob Dotson, National Correspondent, NBC “Today Show”


“We are deeply honored to receive the Christopher Award for ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas.’ When Hallmark asked me to expand our franchise into a series of movies starting with a Christmas story, my goal was to prepare hearts to once again receive the true healing miracle of Christmas. This acknowledgement is encouraging to all of us who worked on the movie.”

– Martha Williamson, Writer and Executive Producer of “Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas”

“When you are creating a book, your hope is that once it is published, it will become loved and cherished by someone. Being recognized by The Christophers is the highest way of achieving that vision. In times of difficulty, art often points the way to light. To have two of my books recognized makes me very happy – just to know that others find my work inspiring in times of darkness. That is truly and deeply fulfilling.”

– William Joyce, Academy Award-winning animator and Christopher Award-winning writer-illustrator of the children’s books “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” and “Humphrey’s Bear”

 “I am so grateful – and humbled – that ‘Fully Alive: Discovering What Matters Most,’ now joins the great literature of Christopher Award winners that speak to the soul and challenge readers all over the world to live lives of faith and action too.  I only hope this personal book will somehow remind readers of the gifts of the most humble human beings and their capacity to awaken us all to the love of God.”

– Timothy Shriver, Chairman of Special Olympics and author of “Fully Alive”

 "The Christopher Award is the most meaningful of recognitions, since it comes from a ministry that has for decades sought to point people to the values of hope, love, and courage in our world...The Christophers have avoided recognizing just the'popular' films, TV shows, and books, but have always looked for something deeper and more lasting. Simply being in the same room with the awardees, as I was the other night, was itself deeply inspiring."

– Rev. James Martin, Christopher Award-winning author of   “My Life with the Saints,” “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything,” and “Jesus: A Pilgrimage”   

“I feel honoured that I have been awarded a Christopher Medal for my contribution to the creation of the musical ‘Les Miserables.’ The award is deeply appreciated and will be cherished.”

– Herbert Kretzmer, Screenwriter and lyricist of “Les Misérables”

"I have long cherished the Christopher Award I received for ‘Cranford,’ and the thought that it will soon receive a shelf companion is just lovely. I feel very honoured that our work on ‘Midwife’ has struck a chord with the Christopher Awards, and very much admire the work you do to acknowledge the spiritual aspects of creativity in the media."

– Heidi Thomas, Writer / Executive Producer, “Call the Midwife Holiday Special”

“I remember hearing about the Christopher Award when I was a little kid. My parents always told me that it stood for the best in literature. I was thrilled when ‘A Good Man’ made The New York Times and The Washington Post bestsellers lists but nothing tops getting the Christopher Award. What an honor indeed!” 

– Mark Shriver, author of “A Good Man: Rediscovering My Father, Sargent Shriver”


“Receiving the Christopher Award for our first Here’s Hank book, ‘Bookmarks Are People Too,’ was such a meaningful acknowledgment of our commitment to getting reluctant readers to pick up a book and laugh their way through it.  We believe laughter is the perfect light switch to illuminate a child’s path into literature.  We were honored and grateful to have been chosen and will continue to support the belief that reading and education can lead us all from darkness to light.” 

- Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver, co-authors of “Here’s Hank: Bookmarks Are People Too!”

“Winning any award is humbling and amazing, but winning the Christopher Award just feels the best. That this show means so much to people, and that the message of hope and courage really comes through, is special for us.”

- Andrew Kreisberg, Writer/Executive Producer of “The Flash: Pilot”