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Father Morris Speaks the Christopher Message

Click on links below to watch Father Jonathan Morris Videos 


Heroism  Light in the Darkness Stewardship
 Anger  Saints   Money


 Spiritual Direction Relationship With God Resentment
Appreciating Our Elders  Envy   Prayer List
Loneliness Scripture's Power to Transform Our Lives  


Making A Difference Seeing Jesus in Others Marriage
 Christmas Lead With Mercy Forgiveness
Fruits of the Holy Spirit Father Keller The Patience of God
The Cardinal Virtues, Pt 1  The Cardinal Virtues, Pt 2 The Cardinal Virtues, Pt 3 
The Cardinal Virtues, Pt 4 Humility 1  Humility 2
Prayers for the Enemies Media The Last Judgement
Suffering Meditation Lent
Fundamental Option Depression  Freedom
Family Drama Discernment  

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The Christophers were founded in 1945 by Maryknoll priest Father James Keller who saw there was a need for people of all faiths to engage in constructive action based on gospel values.  Fr. Keller believed there were too many people who complained about what was wrong with the world but not enough who took the initiative to make it better.  A pioneer in the media field, he used print, radio, television, film, and personal appearances to spread the word. Today, that mission continues through Christopher News Notes, “Three Minutes a Day” books, the “Christopher Closeup” radio show, podcast and blog, the Christopher Awards, video messages from best-selling author and commentator Father Jonathan Morris, and many other ministries.