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The Frank and Blanche Seaver Endowment

         The Christophers owe a great debt of gratitude to Frank and Blanche Seaver for the generous endowment they have bestowed upon us annually through a trust for the past 50 years.  Ever since our founding in 1945, The Christophers have been blessed to receive their support.    

         The Seaver Endowment helps The Christophers fund a myriad of programs that make a positive difference in our world.  The Christopher Leadership Courses, which enable participants to build confidence and communication skills in order to become more effective leaders in their families, workplaces, and communities, are made possible by the Seaver Endowment.

        Also made possible are the Christopher Awards, wherein we celebrate film, television, and books that affirm the highest values of the human spirit.  The generosity of Frank and Blanche Seaver lives on in all that we do, including our many forms of media outreach, from our Three Minutes a Day book and News Notes to our Christopher Closeup radio show and podcast.

        Our annual poster contest for high school students and video contest for college students, as well as our Christopher Leadership Course for Teens, are programs that are funded by the Frank and Blanche Seaver Endowment, and we feel these outreaches would be particularly near and dear to their hearts.  Frank Seaver once said: “If you want to do something for the future of your country, do something for the youth, for they are the future of the country.”  Frank and Blanche Seaver applied that simple axiom to their philanthropic endeavors by numerous educational institutions, which carry on their positive influence in the world.  The Christophers are proud to carry on the legacy of generosity left behind by Frank and Blanche Seaver through the programs their endowment helps us to fund.  They are two people who truly lived out the Christophers’ message, and the candles they lit throughout their lifetimes continue to burn brightly in our world.