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The Christophers’ “Light One Candle” syndicated columns are an American Catholic classic begun by our founder, Father James Keller, M.M. Over the years, contributing writers have included Father John Catoir, former head of the Catholic Press Association, and Jerry Costello, founding editor of Catholic New York. Today’s contributors follow in the footsteps of these great Catholic columnists by sharing stories and insights that reflect Father Keller’s belief that each person has a unique purpose in life that belongs to no one else but them. 

Anchoring our “Light One Candle” syndication for the past decade is The Christophers’ own Communications Director, Tony Rossi, who writes with a perspective that comes from the role he plays as host of our “Christopher Closeup” radio show and podcast, where he interviews amazing people about some of the most fascinating stories in our culture today. In one column, for instance, Christopher Award-winning comedy writer/producer Jeannie Gaffigan revealed details about her recent diagnosis with a debilitating brain tumor - and how her husband, comedian Jim Gaffigan, their five kids, and many others made the presence of God known to her through their acts of love and compassion. In his column on ESPN producer Lisa Fenn and her book titled Carry On: A Story of Resilience, Redemption, and an Unlikely Family, Tony discusses the bond Fenn formed with two physically handicapped wrestlers while making a documentary about their lives. In another column, Tony explores the difficult subject of mental illness in young people by sharing an original interview with Luke Maxwell, a young Catholic who attempted suicide at age 16 due to undiagnosed depression. Luke is now helping others by raising awareness about this critical issue.

A new contributor to our “Light One Candle” columns is former Superior General of the Maryknoll order, Father Edward M. Dougherty. Currently stationed in Rome as Maryknoll’s Procurator General to the Vatican, Father Dougherty writes with wisdom and humility to open readers’ hearts to the beauty of faith. In his column on confession, Father Dougherty notes thatSt. Padre Pio is someone he hears a lot about in Italy. He recalls a beautiful story about a young woman who encountered the mercy of God while confessing to Padre Pio, and then he relates that story to the lessons he has learned as a confessor. His column on St. Giuseppe Moscati highlights the pioneering work of this Italian holy man and doctor who served Christ by ministering to the poorest of the poor. And his column on Father Solanus Casey tells of a miraculous healing and shows how the path of humility led Father Solanus to become a powerful intercessor for so many people in need. 

The Christophers’ “Light One Candle” syndicated columns are a free offering for Catholic publications. Please see the links above for full length samples of the columns mentioned, and email Tony Rossi at t.rossi@christophers.org to have our columns emailed directly to you each month for consideration. Many editors throughout the country already avail themselves of this timeless American Catholic classic, and we hope you will join with them in sharing the good news that is The Christophers’ message. 

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