January 2019
Dear Friends,


            The Christophers wish everyone the best in 2019! January 1st is the Feast of Mary

the Holy Mother of God, when we honor the role that Mary played in the story of salvation.

Mary is our greatest saint so we start the year in holy remembrance of her. May she

intercede to bring peace into the world and draw us all closer to the heart of Jesus.

            We honor many amazing saints during this month. January 24th is the Feast of

Saint Francis de Sales, a Doctor of the Church who was a commanding orator and is also

the patron saint of writers and journalists because he used writing to persuade people to

practice their faith more fervently. And January 31st is the Feast of Saint John Bosco, who

was called to minister to the poor and eventually founded an order to serve and teach poor

children. He called his order the Salesians due to his devotion to Saint Francis de Sales.

Let us pray that these powerful saints intercede for those struggling with poverty, for young people, and for all people working to share the faith in effective ways during this coming year.

            We recently heard from Deacon Peter Andre, Director of Prison Ministry for the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida, who wrote to thank us for our recent shipment of Christopher Calendars and Three Minutes a Day books. He wrote:

                        What made this particular gift so special was that it (as with all Christopher

                        materials) was freely offered. We did not have to ask or beg – our relationship

                        with The Christophers is so long standing, one of mutual respect and deep

                        gratitude, that the materials were sent to us simply because The Christophers’

                        leadership knew it was time – that surely says something about how The

                        Christophers look at ministry and stewardship!

            Thanks to our donors for making it possible for us to extend this generosity to those on the front lines of prison ministry. We also recently heard from Bert Sylvain of Prince of Peace Prison Ministry in Lewiston, Maine, who wrote requesting extra calendars, which we subsequently sent. He said:

                        Your Christopher Calendars are attractively inspiring and perfectly

                        designed for the inmates. Moreover, we personally encounter God’s

                        children in most need of his Love and Mercy especially at a crucial

                        and most lonely time in their lives. It’s people like you folks that

                        so willingly give of yourselves to bring hope, comfort, and unselfish

                        love to those among the least and forgotten.

            This year’s calendars and Three Minutes a Day books have already met with wide popularity among those who have received them. We encourage everyone to order copies from us and share these inspirational materials with friends and loved ones as a sign of hope for things to come in this New Year.

            May 2019 bring hope to all those suffering throughout our nation and around the world - and especially to those suffering from addiction and similar problems affecting families and communities. And may those most in need draw close to Christ, who awaits us all in our most trying moments to comfort and guide us on the journey of life.


God Bless,

Mary Ellen Robinson

Vice President/COO

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