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Tony Rossi

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Food for the Soul

“One does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes forth from the mouth of God.” Those words of Jesus from Matthew 4:4 perfectly reflect the work we do at The Christophers, the work of feeding people’s souls and spirits with gospel values. Along those lines, one of the hallmarks of our ministry has just been published: Volume 52 of our “Three Minutes a Day” book.

With stories, reflections, and Bible quotes for each day of the year, the book is an ideal source of prayer and meditation for today’s fast-paced world because, let’s face it, we can all find at least “Three Minutes a Day” for God. The book’s entries are meant to help you live a life more fully grounded in faith and love and, of course, light a candle rather than curse the darkness. Consider this story that serves as a reminder of Psalm 71:9, “Do not cast me off in the time of old age.”

Marleen Brooks found an unexpected letter when she arrived at her California home one day. It was from a woman named Wanda, and read, “Would you consider to become my friend. I’m 90 years old – live alone. All my friends have passed away. I’m so lonesome and scared. Please I pray for someone.”

Only someone with a heart of stone could resist that plea, so Brooks headed over to Wanda’s house, bringing along some cupcakes the two could enjoy together. Thrilled by the company, Wanda revealed that she suffers from a myriad of health problems, and no longer knows any of her neighbors. Brooks knew she could do something about that last part, so she assured Wanda that she would be happy to visit her from time to time.

Commenting on the story, writer Sarah Hosseini of the website Scary Mommy concluded, “One effort here and there can make a huge difference in the lives of our seniors, whether they’re your family, your neighbor, or just someone you met at the grocery store. Connecting matters, it’s what keeps us going as humans.”

Kindness is often at the heart of the stories we feature, such as this one titled “Finding Jesus in Cincinnati.” Aleteia blogger Deacon Greg Kandra noticed a homeless man standing outside a Cincinnati hotel on a cold winter day, so he stopped to chat for a few minutes. The man’s name was Jesse, and he said that he had moved to the city with his wife to help his best friend with a failing business. But then the friend and his wife ran off together, leaving Jesse to his own devices. Deeply touched by the sad story, the deacon gave him a few dollars and promised to pray for him.

Deacon Kandra was then reminded of a story about the iconic Catholic television evangelist Bishop Fulton Sheen and his niece. When she was young, she’d often walk around with her famous uncle and people would stop to say hello and ask for money, which he gave them. When she questioned his prudence, he responded, “One of those poor people might be Jesus.”

“But uncle,” his niece replied, “one of them could also just be a bum and a con artist.”

Bishop Sheen answered her, “I know. But I don’t want to take that chance.”

If you’d like to make stories like these a part of your daily life, you can order “Three Minutes a Day” for $10 by calling 1-888-298-4050 or visiting our website at