November 2019
Dear Friends,


            We begin the month of November with All Saints and All Souls days, when we remember

those who have gone before us, and pray that they are in heaven and intercede for us. It is a

wonderful time to remember the ideal of sainthood and the lives we are called to live in order to

join the communion of saints in heaven, a goal we can all achieve with the grace of God.

            November 16 is the feast day of Saint Giuseppe Moscati, who is the patron saint of

bachelors, doctors, and those rejected by religious orders. A physician who devoted his life to

serving others, he was associated with miraculous cures during his lifetime as well as after his

death. Stories abound about his heroic life, and he is a wonderful saint to study and learn about.

Let us pray for the intercession of Saint Giuseppe Moscati, that each and every one of us might

find our own path to sainthood through service to others and faith in God.

            We recently received a beautiful note from a hospital chaplain who works with patients with

severe mental illness. He wrote to tell us of the success he’s had incorporating our Three Minutes a Day readings into the spiritual reflections he leads on the various wards. He started with the teenage ward, writing, “It’s no surprise that adolescents can be hard to reach, but the real life stories and the ‘non-preachiness’ of the stories have worked very well.” He then expanded these meditations to the other wards and reports that he’s now reaching half the patients in the entire hospital with readings from Three Minutes a Day.

            The chaplain expressed how vital our Three Minutes a Day books are to his ministry and requested copies of our 2020 books, and we were more than happy to send him a shipment so that this beautiful outreach can continue in the coming year. We are inspired to hear from those on the front lines about how our materials are helping to open hearts to the love of God, and we are grateful to our donors for making this mission to those in need possible.

            We close this month with Thanksgiving, which is a great time to share our brand new Living in Thanksgiving News Note. Providing insight on how to live in gratitude all year long, this News Note guides us from the spirit of a yearly celebration to a way of seeing the world that can transform our lives. Please be sure to order copies of this News Note to share with friends and loved ones during this time of year.

            The Christophers pray that the people of our nation enjoy the company of friends and family during this Thanksgiving and that those living on the margins of society experience uplifting moments of community and find a sense of hope in the future. We thank all those who are a part of our mission to bring the light of Christ into people’s lives. God Bless!     



Mary Ellen Robinson

Vice President/COO

Mary Ellen Robinson

Vice President/COO

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