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Christopher programs are based on our mission of encouraging people of all ages and from all
walks of life to use their God-given talents to make a difference in the world.




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Friday Evening
7:00 pm to
Sunday Afternoon 3:00 pm


The Christopher Leadership 
Weekend Course

For over sixty years, The Christopher Leadership Course has helped people improve their speaking and interpersonal skills while providing leadership formation within the framework of the Gospel message.

The course benefits anyone who wants to build his or her confidence and who seeks to maintain a positive attitude during difficult times. Attendees participate in a friendly learning environment designed to be dynamic and fun!

The Christophers 1945 - 2017
Celebrating Over 70 years
$165 a person/ $295 per couple
(includes course materials, meals & lodging):

University of St. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary
1000 East Maple Avenue
Mundelein, IL 60060-1174
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Mundelein Leadership Weekend March 2017

 Our thanks to Father Gus Belauskas, our instructors Pam Hammond and Gloria Henry, 
and the graduates of the 2017 Leadership Weekend. Congratulations!

Mundy 2017-5

 Instructors (center) pictured with Lay Students from St. Dismas Parish

Mundy 2017-2
 Winner of Class “Better World Award”

Mundy 2017-4
Participants Engage in Dynamic Class Exercise
 Mundy 2017-1
 Seminarian Delivers Exciting Talk
Lay Students and Mundelein Seminarians Enjoy Beauty of Mundelein Campus

Mundelein Leadership Weekend March 2015

Mundelein Leadership Class 2015:  Seminarians and members of the lay community pose for class photo at Mundelein Seminary. Class participants practiced effective speaking techniques and exercises designed to build confidence, interpersonal skills and a positive attitude. Photo: last row, center; Fr. Gus Belauskus, M.A., S.T.L., Associate Dean of Formation; The Christopher instructors are Jim Collins (last row: first person left) and Pam Hammond (left) and Gloria Henry (right) at the ends of the first row.


Mundelein Leadership Weekend March 2014

Mundelein Leadership Class 2014; Left side, Fr. Gus Belauskus, Associate Dean of Formation. Christopher instructors are located in the first row, Pam Hammond, National Leadership Coordinator and Gloria Henry (in yellow). A third instructor, Jim Collins, is the tallest person in the last row, photo right. Nineteen seminarians and laypersons from the surrounding area participated in the Christopher weekend program in March.

Mundelein Leadership Weekend March 2013

On March 8-10, fifteen students attended a powerful Christopher Leadership weekend at the University of St. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary. Seminarians and lay students from Virginia, Wisconsin and communities in the surrounding Chicago learned how to sharpen their natural leadership abilities. In addition, the class engaged in both lively and reflective activities designed to improve speaking abilities and interpersonal skills. The Christopher Leadership Weekend presents leadership formation within the context of the Gospel message.

Photo Caption: Mundelein Leadership Class 2013; Christopher instructors, second row left to right, Gloria Henry and Pam Hammond, National Leadership Coordinator; last row, top left, Christopher assistant, Katie Bivens; and in last row, second from left, Fr. Gus Belauskus, Associate Dean of Formation.


Mundelein, Illinois
Photo Caption: 2012 Christopher Leadership Course Graduates at Mundelein Seminary. Upper left side, Father Gus Belauskus; Christopher instructors; front row center, Pam Hammond, fourth from left, Nick Sarro.