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Something Sensible about Sex


      “I’m finding that many people are sincerely seeking to regain a sense of lost sexual sanity.  They’re hungry for a sense of sexual wholeness that distinguishes between love and lust.”

                        John Michael Talbot,
The Lessons of St. Francis 

Sexuality that’s holistic and holy

      The word “sexuality” conjures up certain images based on a popular definition of the term.  But healthy sexuality that is integrated into our daily lives regardless of our state in life is much more than sexual desire.  It’s also about sexual identity, all those wonderful things that make us a man or a woman, and how these gifts shape our moral values, our spiritual lives, and our relationships.

      It’s important to our happiness, our wholeness and our holiness to recognize and appreciate the beauty and joy inherent in well-lived sexuality.  So, just how do we claim our sexuality for the God-given blessing that it is?