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Teens: Find Your Inner Strength


      “I’ve experienced all types of parties.  A lot of times people are smoking marijuana and binge drinking.  They make horrible choices that can ruin their future.  A couple of times I haven’t gone out. I knew things were going to get out of control.  I used to think if I didn’t go out I was a loser.  And if I didn’t drink I wasn’t having fun. But I learned to find strength by just being myself and not getting caught up in what people think is cool.  It’s important to use good judgment and think about everything you can lose.”

– Patricia, 17

      Every generation of teens has challenges.  Today’s young people face cultural influences and peer pressure that can overwhelm even the most confident and well-adjusted teen.  Yet many avoid danger and remain strong, healthy, and connected to their families.  These teens have discovered their inner strength, developed the courage to make the right choices, and emerged as positive adults.