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At the Heart of Prayer

      “Prayer isn’t what I do, but what God does inside of us.”

– Sister Briege McKenna


      “God shapes the world by prayer.”

– E. M. Bounds


      “All of us have a holy longing.”

– Father Ronald Rolheiser


Wired for God

      Lovingly created in God’s image, each of us carries within a spark of the divine. You might say that we’re wired for God, compelled to seek God’s presence, wisdom and guidance.

      Prayer helps us tap into that divine spark, satisfying our longing – indeed, our need – for God. As we grow in our relationship with God, we also come to better see the Lord’s light and love in others. 

      Prayer is for everyone. Through prayer, we open the door to dialogue with God by speaking and connecting to our Creator and providing the opportunity to have a deeper experience with the source of all life and love.

      Developing our prayer life – in all its forms and in all life’s circumstances – will nourish our souls and grace our relationships with those around us.

      Lord, teach us to pray.       Luke 11:1