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Abortion: Stand Up for Life!

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      “Each of us is the result of a thought of God.  Each of us is willed, each of us is loved, each of us is necessary.”

– Pope Benedict XVI


      Most women remember forever the moment they know they are pregnant. It’s a time of excitement, anticipation and nervousness.  The reality of a new unique person developing day by day, minute by minute within the womb gives new meaning to everything else.

      Expectant moms and dads face a wonderful world of unknowns: What will our infant look like?  Will he or she be good at music or sports? And then comes the joy of seeing the baby in amazing detail through an ultrasound image.  

      Unplanned or crisis pregnancies, however, often set off a very different chain reaction.  Initial disbelief gives way to fear, then panic.  In desperation, women may make decisions that go against their instincts, but that seem like the only option.

      Pressure to have an abortion can come from boyfriend or parent who wants to erase a “problem;” from a culture that downplays the significance of unborn life; from laws that make abortion seem justifiable.  All these can persuade a woman in crisis to make a choice she may regret forever.

      “As a teenager I assumed abortion was necessary for women to attain their educational and career goals,” writes Michaelene Jenkins in Voices of Women who Mourn, a publication of Feminists for Life.  “So it’s not surprising that when I became pregnant at 18 I thought about having an abortion.  I also considered adoption, but when I told my boyfriend, he said he would kick me out if I didn’t have an abortion,”

      “I turned to my employer for advice.  She agreed that abortion was the only logical option and offered to arrange one,” says Jenkins. “The promised solution – really the only option presented to me – wasn’t the end of my nightmare, but only the beginning.  I was completely unprepared for the emotional fallout after the abortion.”

      Michaelene Jenkins spiraled downward into self-destructive behavior and thoughts of suicide before seeking help and healing.  Unfortunately, her story is common.  But there are reasons to hope.