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Latest Christopher Awards Press Releases

4/25/2017 - The 2017 Christophers Special Award Winners Announced

3/28/2017  - The Christophers 68th Annual Awards Winners Announced

4/20/2016 - The Christophers Special Award Winners Announced

3/30/2016  - The Christophers 67th Annual Awards Winners Announced

4/21/2015  - The Christophers Special Award Winners Announced 

4/8/2015 - The Christophers 66th Annual Awards Winners Announced

4/30/2014 - The Christophers Special Award Winners Announced

4/2/2014 - The Christophers 65th Annual Awards Winners Announced

4/18/2012 -Marty Lyons wins the 2012 James Keller Award

4/18/2012 -Mother Dolores recieves the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award

3/21/2012 - The Christophers 63rd Annual Awards winners announced

4/25/2011 -Captain Scott Smiley wins the 2011 Christopher Leadership Award

4/25/2011 -Shannon Hickey wins the 2011 James Keller Award

4/6/2011 - The Christophers 62nd Annual Awards winners announced

3/31/2011 - The Christophers 62nd Annual Awards to be presented May 19th, 2011

04/08/2010 - Christopher Award winners find inspiration around the globe and throughout history

04/07/2010 - Christophers honor 13 authors & illustrators for books about love, courage & communication across cultures

03/30/2010 - Brother Tyrone Davis to receive founder's award from The Christophers for humanitarian work in Haiti

03/04/2010 - 61st annual Christopher Awards to be presented on April 15

01/25/2010 - Christophers announce webstore featuring uplifting entertainment

05/11/2009 - Soloist author wins Christopher Award at the 60th Christopher Awards at April 16, 2009 gala

05/06/2009 - New director of The Christophers tells Alumnae of the Sacred Heart everyone can make a difference

04/14/2009 - Christopher Award winners found inspiration around the globe and throughout history

04/01/2009 - Christophers tap FOX News anchor Ernie Anastos as MC for 60th anniversary Christopher Awards gala

03/25/2009 - Sesame Street and Sister of Charity to receive Christopher Awards' highest honors in its 60th year

02/25/2009 - Christophers to honor outstanding works in books, film, TV at diamond anniversary awards gala in April

11/18/2008 - Stage is set to celebrate 60th Anniversary of Christopher Awards at April 16, 2009 gala

03/25/2008 - Faith-friendly themes flavor the 59th Annual Christopher Award winners

03/10/2008 - The Christophers honor award winners on April 10