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Technology: Tools for Today

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      “The desire for connectedness and the instinct for communication that are so obvious in contemporary culture are best understood as modern manifestations of the basic and enduring propensity of humans to reach beyond themselves and to seek communion with others.”

– Pope Benedict XVI

      Remember when you picked up the phone to talk to someone?  Maybe you dashed off an e-mail with plans for a conversation later?  E-mail and telephones are starting to seem like reminders of a bygone era, replaced by the anonymity and instantaneous communication of social networking, Twitter, texting and instant messaging.

      With fingers flying, many people today stay in constant touch with family, friends, coworkers, even strangers.  Real-time, high-speed chats have become the new normal.  Can we harness the positive side of ever-changing technology – or are the negatives too big to overcome?