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Christopher Closeup Podcasts

Christopher Closeup encourages people of all ages and from all walks of life to use their God-given talents to make a positive difference in the world. The weekly half-hour series regularly introduces listeners to individuals - some famous, some not so famous - who are using their gifts, talents, and abilities to create a better world.

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 Jason Castro & Matthew West

Jason Castro, Part 1 –  the singer/songwriter from Season 7 of “American Idol” shares his passion for living out his faith through action and reveals the reasons he focused on Christian themes with his new album “Who I Am.” 

Matthew West, Part 2 –  the singer recalls the difficulties he faced when he was picked on as a child and how parents can help their kids deal with the situation.  


Jason Castro & Nancy Carabio Belanger

Jason Castro, Part 2 – the conclusion of the interview with the singer/songwriter discussing his career path and his devotion to his faith.
Nancy Carabio Belanger – the author discusses her book series for young people which was inspired by the teachings of St. Therese of Lisieux. 



Cathy Rush & Tim Chambers

Cathy Rush  the former coach of “The Mighty Macs,” an underdog women’s basketball team from Immaculata College in Pennsylvania, discusses the new movie about their championship season during the early 1970’s.

 Tim Chambers – the writer, director and producer of “The Mighty Macs” film discusses bringing the faith-friendly story to the big screen. 




Charles Kinnane & Michael Campo 

The filmmakers discuss their documentary The Human Experience which took them from the streets of New York to a leper colony in Africa to explore questions about the purpose of life and the inherent dignity of every human person. 




Abbey Curran & Abby Caperton

Abbey Curran - The first woman with a physical disability to compete in the Miss USA pageant discusses her efforts to help young women with physical challenges. 

Abby Caperton (Part 1) - The 23-year-old Texan shares details about her mission trip to Africa, including the generosity she experienced and the impact she saw abstinence education having on teens. 


Colleen Carroll Campbell

The author of The New Faithful: Why Young Adults Are Embracing Christian Orthodoxy reveals how her father approached life with authentic Christian hope despite battling Alzheimer’s Disease.   



Abby Caperton 

The co-host of the program “What Would Jesus Podcast” discusses her work as a youth minister and how she believes the Church can get young people more interested in their faith. 


Justin Catanoso

The author and Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist discusses the spiritual impact of discovering that a cousin he never knew he had was being canonized a saint.   



Jim Caviezel

The actor known for playing Jesus in The Passion of the Christ discusses his latest project, a New Testament Audio Bible, along with the reasons that he and his wife adopted two critically ill children.




Christopher Leadership: Tom O’Rourke, Nora O’Brien, Elizabeth Murphy & Tom Tesori 

Graduates of the Christopher Leadership Course discuss improving your communication skills, building healthy self-confidence, maintaining a positive attitude, and fostering a sense of service.   




The Best of Christmas 

The Best of Christmas - Highlights from past Christmas episodes with clips of Amy Grant, Mandisa, Mario Lanza, Rosalind Russell, Tom O’Rourke, June Valli, Snooky Lanson, and Father James Keller. 






Christopher Leadership & Wayne Elsey  

Christopher Leadership (Part 2) The conclusion of our roundtable discussion about developing effective leadership skills. 
Wayne Elsey – The founder of Soles4Souls discusses his nonprofit, which collects and distributes free shoes to needy people around the world. 


Maria Conroy, Stephanie Gullotti & Chris Schilmoeller

(Part 1) - A panel discussion about volunteering and missionary work featuring members of the Mercy Volunteer Corps and the Fellowship of Catholic University Students.
(Part 2) - The conclusion of our look at the need for volunteers and missionaries within the United States, and how their efforts can change lives.



Part 1:       Part 2:

Rita Cosby

Rita Cosby the Emmy Award-winning journalist known for her work on NBC, Fox News and “Inside Edition” shares the story of how she came to see her father, who abandoned her mother when Rita was a teenager, as a World War Two hero worthy of respect and admiration. 





Kristy Lee Cook

The former American Idol finalist discusses her new album, the Christian faith that’s been her rock during difficult times, and the foundation she created to rescue abused and neglected horses.  



Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle

The author of Mother Teresa and Me discusses the friendship she formed with Mother Teresa, and the impact it had on her personal, professional and spiritual life.  



Stephen Covey 

The best-selling author and leadership expert shares insights on creating meaningful job and career opportunities during this period of economic uncertainty and high unemployment.  



Abbey Curran & Abby Caperton

Abbey Curran - The first woman with a physical disability to compete in the Miss USA pageant discusses her efforts to help young women with physical challenges. 

Abby Caperton (Part 1) - The 23-year-old Texan shares details about her mission trip to Africa, including the generosity she experienced and the impact she saw abstinence education having on teens. 


Julie Davis

Julie Davisthe   author discusses her book “Happy Catholic: Glimpses of God in Everyday Life,” her conversion from atheism to Christianity, and why she finds spiritual truths in sources as varied as Blessed Mother Teresa and Han Solo.






Katie Davis

Katie Davis – the author of “Kisses From Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption” discusses moving from Tennessee to Uganda after her high school graduation to help care for, educate and feed more than 2,000 orphans there.  






Leah Darrow

The former America’s Next Top Model contestant reveals why she felt the modeling industry was forcing her to compromise her principles and how a stronger embrace of her Catholic faith helped point her in a new direction.



Nicole DiCenzo

The widow of Army Captain Doug DiCenzo, who was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2006, discusses the heartbreak of losing her husband and the ways in which her Christian faith has contributed to the healing process.



Kathy Difiore

Kathy DiFiore the founder of Several Sources Shelters shares her thirty-year mission helping young women in crisis pregnancies by offering them a home, life skills, a foundation of values, and the support they need to build successful lives for themselves and their babies.








Mary DeTurris Poust

The author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Catholic Catechism talks about transforming the Church’s teachings into simple, accessible language that any layman can understand.




Christopher De Vinck 

The author of The Power of the Powerless talks about his late brother who, despite being born with severe brain damage, became a testament to the dignity of every human person.   



Mother Agnes Mary Donovan 

The Superior General of the Sisters of Life discusses her religious order’s mission to provide practical assistance, and spiritual and emotional support to pregnant women in crisis.



Kimberly Dozier

The CBS News correspondent who was critically injured in a car bomb attack in Iraq discusses the heroic efforts of the military men and women who saved her, and how the experience affected her spiritually.



Rachel Campos-Duffy

Rachel Campos-Duffy – the parenting columnist, TV host, and former “Real World” star discusses her book “Stay Home, Stay Happy: 10 Secrets to Loving At-Home Motherhood” which is based on her experiences raising six children.