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NEW YORK, April 27TH, 2012 – Corinne Martinez, a San Francisco State University student, took the first prize of $2,000 in The Christophers’ Twenty-Fourth Annual Video Contest for College Students for her film A Man and His Muscles. A profile of a young man named Jose Ortega, who was diagnosed approximately twelve years ago with an autoimmune disorder called Myasthenia Gravis, the film outlines how this individual reacted to the sudden symptoms of his disease, and how he has made good from the evils wrought by this illness.

         “Jose’s story is truly inspiring,” said Mary Ellen Robinson , vice president of The Christophers. “His determination to succeed in life against all odds proves the very essence of The Christophers’ mission—that we are each called upon to use our God-given gifts for the greater good. It was Jose Ortega’s unexpected diagnosis that cemented his desire to become a doctor who could similarly help alleviate the sufferings of others around him. “

         Ryan Christopher Blount, of Full Sail University in Brunswick , GA , won the $1,000 second prize for his film Unordinary which highlights how even the smallest daily acts of kindness can make someone heroic.

First Place Video Click Here

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