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Dealing with Anger Resource List


Recommended Reading

My Feelings Are Like Wild Animals! How Do I Tame Them?
by Gary Egeberg. Available through Paulist Press at 1-800-218-1903. $9.95 plus shipping and handling. An easy to read guide that helps young people express their feelings in constructive and positive ways. Sections include, “Anger: What should I do with it?” and “Rage: Sometimes I Just Blow Up!”

How to Control Your Anger
by Ron Potter Efron. Available through Kidsrights at 1-800-892-KIDS. $4.95 plus shipping and handling. Specifically written for teens, this handbook discusses what makes them angry and offers ten exercises to control that anger.

It’s Not Personal! A Guide to Anger Management
by Alice J. Katz. Available through Ms. Katz at 203-259-8026. $11.95 plus $2 shipping and handling. This comprehensive guide takes a straightforward approach and is both useful and enjoyable. It contains anecdotes, charts, questionnaires and imagery exercises that will appeal to adults as well as young people. Sections include, “Making positive changes” and “Coping with angry people.”

Anger Kills
by Redford Williams M.D. and Virginia Williams, Ph.D. Although it is currently not available through its publisher, it can be obtained at some local libraries and bookstores. It is most suitable for those who have already done some preliminary reading on the subject and who are looking for more advanced information. The authors take a light and humorous tone and strategically place cartoons throughout that drive points home to the reader. It includes a very useful section entitled, “Survival Skills -17 Strategies for Controlling Hostility.” This section will be valuable to people of all ages.

Directory of American Youth Organizations 1996-1997
by Judith B. Erickson. Available through Free Spirit Publishing at 1-800-735-7323. $21.95 plus shipping and handling. A tool for young people, parents, and educators, this book provides a listing of hundreds of constructive youth organizations with a short description of each. There is an applicable section entitled, “Peace and Global Understanding Groups.”



Boys Town National Hotline
1-800-448-3000 — 24 Hours
Provides counseling and crisis intervention on a variety of subjects for both young people and their families. They can also provide local referrals and when appropriate, will actively follow up to see that callers have made contact with local agencies.

The Ark
1-800-873-TEEN — 24 Hours
A residential shelter for youth in crisis, homeless, or runaway youth, they also sponsor this national number for teens seeking over-the-phone counseling. Families are also welcome to call.

Covenant House Nineline
1-800-999-9999 — 24 Hours
This crisis intervention service provides counseling to both teens and parents. Dealing with angry feelings plays a primary part in their crisis intervention. They will also make local referrals from their database of nearly 40,000 listings. Their hotline is accessible in all fifty states as well as some areas of the Caribbean.


Websites is a part of The Mental Health Net’s website. This section is entitled, “Perspectives: A Mental Health Magazine.” It is dedicated to providing psychological information and self-help methods on a variety of subjects. This chapter deals specifically with anger and aggression. It provides theories and facts, means of coping with anger, and demonstrates how anger can affect certain relationships. Although it takes a scientific approach, it is very readable and its specific recommendations on coping with anger are helpful. part of Self Improvement Online’s website. While it does not provide any literature on the subject, it serves as an excellent link page to other websites and organizations that deal with “Controlling Anger.” is part of the American Psychological Association’s website. These particular pages are devoted to “Controlling Anger.” The section offers good background information as well as advice from psychology professionals. is the website of Partnership Against Violence. The partnership is dedicated to combating violence in American society by providing the public with data from seven different Federal agencies. There are categories such as “Curriculum and Other Teaching Materials” and “Information Sources and Technical Assistance.” They offer listings of organizations, literature and videos, many of which deal with anger management and conflict resolution. A brief outline of the material along with ordering information is provided for each.


10100 Park Cedar Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210
Telephone: 1-800-892-KIDS
This organization will provide you with a free catalog that has a section entitled “Violence, Anger & Conflict Resolution.” Pamphlets, videos, books and even games that can be used by educators, parents and teens alike are available.

Talk, Trust and Feel Therapeutics
5398 Golder Ranch Road, Tucson, AZ 85739
Telephone: 1-520-797-0102
The unique mission of this organization is to “help children and adults learn how to deal with their anger and express it in safe, constructive ways.” Books and games that are geared toward young people, parents, educators, and even couples make this a comprehensive starting point. Their website presents many articles on controlling anger for teens, children and parents. Causes of anger as well as control exercises are discussed and there is a link page to other related sites.

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