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Fred Rogers

Jack Benny

Fred Rogers, the host of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, speaks to Fr. John Catoir about every individual's inherent dignity and uniqueness.
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  From the film You Can Change The World. Father James Keller explains the Christopher message to Hollywood stars like Jack Benny, William Holden, Loretta Young, and others. 
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Robert Young

Bob Hope

Father Keller and Father Knows Best star Robert Young discuss how parents can become more involved in their children's education. 
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  Father Keller, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Ben Hogan discuss the Christopher movement. 
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Jerry Stiller

Paula Zahn

Hosts Fr. Richard Armstrong and Jeanne Glynn learn how comedians Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara began their careers in show business. 
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  Paula Zahn offers insights on the current state of broadcast journalism, and discusses her exposure to different religions during her formative years. 
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Donny Osmond

Andrew Shue

Talk show host and singer Donny Osmond discusses his struggle with perfectionism and social phobia. 
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  Father Tom McSweeney and actor/activist Andrew Shue (Melrose Place) discuss how young people can get more involved in their communities. 
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Daniel Rodriguez

Amy Grant

Singer Daniel Rodriguez shares insights on his work as a police officer and why he sees the job as a form of ministry. 
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  Grammy Award-winning singer Amy Grant discusses how she dealt with divorce in light of her Christian faith. 
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Ken Howard

Jonathan Jackson

Actor Ken Howard (Crossing Jordan, The White Shadow) reveals how he dealt with his father's Alzheimer's Disease. 
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  Daytime Emmy Award-winner Jonathan Jackson explains why kindness and compassion are the foundation of his Christian faith. 
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Dom Deluise

Monty Hall

Dom Deluise shares his insights on life, love and work. 
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  Msgr. Jim Lisante and Monty Hall talk about the game-show host's lifelong dedication to philanthropy. 
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Lou Ferrigno

Kathy Ireland

Lou Ferrigno discusses how he overcame his disability to achieve success. 
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  Author/Entrepreneur Kathy Ireland discusses how she uses her fame to make a difference and the ways in which she maintains a successful marriage. 
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Michael Badalucco

John Walsh

Emmy Award-winning actor Michael Badalucco explores the impact his mother’s recent death has had on his life, and how his family and friends keep him grounded. 
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  Crime fighter John Walsh discusses his opinions on the death penalty and gun control, and shares insights on how he continues to deal with the murder of his son Adam twenty years after the fact. 
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Ben Stein

Actor and TV personality Ben Stein (Win Ben Stein’s Money, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) explores how his life changed after adopting his son Tommy and explains his dedication to the pro-life cause. 
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