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Youth News Notes

      From the very beginning of The Christophers, Father James Keller knew the importance of young people.  He often used News Notes to communicate directly with teens and young adults, offering guidance and highlighting the good work being done by young people in their communities.  We've continued that example with our Teen News Notes.  (To see the rest of our News Notes that are available electronically, please visit our main News Notes page.)

NN 575 - Appreciating Your Elders

NN 557: Teaching Teens to Make Good Choices 

NN 564 - Your God-Given Purpose - The human mind plans the way

NN 561 - Building Spriritual Friendships - The defintion of friendship

NN 556: Seeing Christ In Others - What Do You See

NN 555: The Key to Self Worth - You Are Precious

NN 545: Lord, Teach Us to Pray - We speak to God and He speaks to us.

NN 539: Effective Leadership - Leaders Are Made, Not Born

NN 468: Alcohol and Drugs: What Young People Need to Know Information and drugs, alcohol and their effects on young adults.