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NEW YORK, April 29th, 2016  – The Christophers announced nine winners today in their Twenty-Sixth Annual Poster Contest for High School Students. Every year, students – grades 9 through 12 – are invited to create a poster that visually interprets the timeless theme, “You Can Make a Difference.” This year’s contest drew over 1,000 entries from high schools across the United States and around the world. The importance of giving of yourself and of your time was epitomized to great effect in this year’s contest. As always, students employed a wide range of media in their submissions, from personalized photographs to remarkable hand-drawn sketches.

The first prize of $1,000 was awarded to Nicole Smith, a senior at Hebron Christian Academy, located in Dacula, GA. Nicole’s poster featured a photograph of five Ecuadorian children seated outside a church. The caption of this image read as follows: “You Can Make A Difference…By Spreading God’s Love.” Smith goes on to describe her life-changing mission trip to Ecuador two years prior, where she and her group visited seven different villages and churches.

“We ministered to elementary-age children, by putting on Bible skits, doing crafts, and playing games,” Nicole wrote in a personal message to The Christophers. “The picture featured on my poster was from a small, rundown church in Riobamba, Ecuador. The families that attended didn’t have much and many of them were wearing worn-out and dirty clothes. The Bible skit that evening was about Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, so we decided to reciprocate by washing the feet of all of the children. Once we were done, I remember looking at all the kids. They were all very joyful and grateful as they pointed to their clean feet and talked about what had happened…Seeing their happy faces after washing their feet was an awe-inspiring moment that I will never forget.”

Tanner L. Dubois, a senior at Texas’s Hamshire Fannett High School took home the second prize of $500. He and his local baseball team, the Longhorns, showed that even the smallest gesture can touch the both the lives and hearts of many. This past February, Dubois and the rest of the Longhorns hand-delivered St. Valentine’s Day Cards and candy to the residents of the Aboretum Nursing Home, located in Winnie, TX.

Finally, our third place winner of $250, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s Academy for the Arts high school junior Sabrina Charman, created a simple but stunningly detailed hand-drawn picture. Two hands clasp a chipped blue mug. Another hand is in the act of dropping a quarter and a small white card with a red heart etched on it into the waiting container. This simple scene is juxtaposed against the black, dimly lit backdrop of a city. 


“I didn’t want to show how people can change things globally,” Charman says of her artwork. “It seemed like such an overdone idea… I wanted to try and find a way to show how an individual can make a difference. The quarter and paper could be the only thing he/she has on them at the moment, but it could mean the absolute world to the other [person]. I wanted to bring to light the smallest things can make the biggest difference.” 


Due to the number of impressive submissions we received, The Christophers decided to distribute six honorable mentions, the same amount as last year. We offer many thanks to the applicants, who worked so hard on their artistic portrayals and the teachers who inspire them every day to “make a difference.”

 A non-profit organization founded in 1945, The Christophers uses mass media to encourage all individuals to make a positive difference in the world, as expressed in the Christopher motto: “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

Honorable Mentions

1)    Alexandra Paleka-Catholic Central High School-Burlington, WA

2)    Kayla Wright-Sherwood High-Creighton, MO

3)    Adriana Morales-Troy High School-Fullerton, CA

4)    Cheyenne Dyson-Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology-Myrtle, SC

5)    Tyler Roop- Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology-Myrtle, SC

6)    John Schlotterbeck- Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology-Myrtle, SC


1st Place - Nicole Smith

2nd Place - Tanner L. Dubois


3rd Place - Sabrina Charman