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NEW YORK, April 29th, 2013– The Christophers announced eleven winners today in their Twenty-Third Annual Poster Contest for High School Students.            

            Each year, students – grades 9 through 12 – are invited to create a poster that visually interprets the timeless theme, “You Can Make a Difference.” This year’s contest drew over 1,000 entries from high schools across the United States and around the world. The importance of literacy, role models, and environmental conservation were among the issues most examined. Students employed a wide range of media, including photography, computer art, drawing, painting, and collage.

            The first prize of $1,000 was awarded to Natalie Brunstein, a senior at Colorado’s Highlands Ranch High School. Her luminescent picture of one candle lighting another is coupled with the messages “You Can Make A Difference” and the quote “A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle,” from The Christophers’ founder, Father James Keller, M.M.  Sarah E. Holinski, The Christophers’ Youth Coordinator adds, “Natalie’s poster epitomizes the heart of this organization’s message: that one light, one person can truly stand out in this world.”

Dylan Thompson, a student at Conway, South Carolina’s Academy of Fine Arts and Technology and winner of the $500 second prize, submitted an entry of a more personal nature. Thompson’s enlarged photograph of his friend Mrs. DeSimone, cheerfully volunteering in Haiti while carrying a young boy on her back, shows that the best and most inexpensive gift a person can give is their time.

Lastly, Dulaney High School senior C.J. Omita from Timonium, Maryland, took home the $250 third prize for his picture of an older man pushing a younger man with no legs off into a snow race alongside the heartwarming reminder: “You Can Make a Difference with a Little Push.”

            Due to the overwhelming number of impressive submissions this year, The Christophers decided to distribute eight honorable mentions, three more than usual. We offer many thanks to the applicants, who worked so hard on their artistic portrayals and the teachers who inspire them every day to “make a difference.”

            A non-profit organization founded in 1945, The Christophers uses mass media to encourage all individuals to make a positive difference in the world, as expressed in the Christopher motto: “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”


A complete list of winners follows.

First Prize:

Natalie Brunstein

Highland’s Ranch High School

Highland Ranch, CO

Second Prize:

Dylan Thompson

Academy of Fine Arts and Technology

Conway, South Carolina


Third Prize:

C.J. Omita

Dulaney High School

Timonium, MD


Honorable Mentions:

1. Morgan Dailey

    Village Christian Academy

    Fayetteville, NC  


2. Malia Girmai

    Chugiak High School

    Eagle River, AK


3. Quy T. Le

    Jesse Bethel High School

    Valejo, CA


4. Yasmin Luster

    Rowe-Clark Math and Science Academy

    Chicago, IL


5. Tessa Newberry

    Bonner Springs High School

    Bonner Springs, KS


6. Samantha Ruiz

    Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology

    Myrtle Beach, SC


7. Mandy Rusch

    Redmond High School

    Redmond, WA


8. Trey White

    Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology

    North Myrtle Beach, SC