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NEW YORK, April 30th, 2015 - The Christophers announced nine winners today in their Twenty-Fifth Annual Poster Contest for High School Students.      

 Every year, students – grades 9 through 12 – are invited to create a poster that visually interprets the timeless theme, “You Can Make a Difference.” This year’s contest drew over 1,000 entries from high schools across the United States and around the world. The importance of teamwork, generosity and making a difference in action were epitomized to great effect in this year’s contest. As always, students employed a wide range of media in their submissions, from personalized photographs to remarkable hand-drawn sketches.

            The first prize of $1,000 was awarded to Christian Kobal, a senior at Cypress Ranch High School located in Cypress, TX. Christian’s poster displayed a variety of photographs of his varsity football team, the Cy-Fair Mustangs. These pictures featured one special member of the Mustangs in particular—honorary teammate Doyle Waller.

            It began as a simple act of friendship. One of Christian’s team members invited Waller, who is physically handicapped and smaller than others his age, to join them for lunch when he noticed the latter sitting quietly by himself. Before they knew it, Waller became an important fixture in their group, and especially at their team practices and games, always cheering from the sidelines with a smile and Gatorade for any player who needed it. Waller quickly proved himself a valuable asset to the Mustangs, not only as an enthusiastic teammate but first and foremost as a loyal friend.

            “This year, the Cy-Fair Mustang team became one close family and Doyle seemed to be one of the main members who kept us united,” Christian wrote in a personal note to The Christophers. “Doyle showed up every game day morning with biggest grin…He never missed a morning even when others couldn’t show. Even though it was tough for him to get around, he always found his way to the player who needed him most. What started out as an outreach to someone we thought we could made a difference to ironically ended up being someone who made a difference to us! What a humbling thought that was.”

 Annaliza Dennis, a junior at Lake Highland High School in Maitland, FL, took home the second prize of $500.  Her poster is framed by photographs depicting a mission trip she took to Los Chiles, Costa Rica, in the summer of 2014. Working with a nonprofit called Agua Viva Serves for the second summer in a row, Annaliza helped dig “100 foot wells” and build houses for many families in need. In the center of the poster near the bottom are the words “Hope, Love, Work, Help”—small actions that can have a huge impact when carried out with a genuine and affectionate heart.

Finally, our third place winner of $250, New Jersey Regional High School senior Dorothy Tang, created an impressive hand-drawn poster. This poster presented a sadly typical scene—a young girl sitting on the floor by her locker while two girls in the background laugh behind her back. There is, however, an undeniable image of hope in the form of a helping hand reaching down towards the young lady, showing that even the simplest gesture can make all the difference to a lonely soul.

          Due to the number of noteworthy submissions this year, The Christophers decided to distribute six honorable mentions, one more than usual. We offer many thanks to the applicants, who worked so hard on their artistic portrayals and the teachers who inspire them every day to “make a difference.”

            A non-profit organization founded in 1945, The Christophers uses mass media to encourage all individuals to make a positive difference in the world, as expressed in the Christopher motto: “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”


2015 Poster Contest Winners

First Prize - 
Christian Kobal-Cypress-Ranch High School-Cypress TX

Second Prize -
Annaliza (Anna-Claire) Dennis-Lakeland Highland High School-Maitland, FL

Third Prize -
Dorothy Tang-Regional High School-Old Tappan, NJ


2015 Honorable Mentions

Grace Brown
Chestatee High School Gainesville, GA


Shilpa K.
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Tech. Alexandria, VA


Jared Nester
Cornerstone Christian School Roanoke Rapids, NC


Grace Ziemke
Pomperaug High School Southbury CT


Kimberly Hosbach

Coldwater High School

Coldwater, OH

Kayla Faircloth

Mount Tabor High School

Winston-Salem, NC 27106