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American Idol on Christopher Closeup

Several contestants and a vocal coach from Fox’s popular talent competition American Idol have joined Christopher Closeup to discuss their experiences, their faith and how they use their talents to make a difference in the world. We’ve collected those interviews here.

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Scott McCreery & Brooke White

1) Scott McCreerythe “American Idol” winner discusses the inspiration behind his Christmas album, the way he stayed grounded in his Christian faith during his time on the popular TV show, and why he chose to return to school instead of pursuing his music career full time.

2) Brooke White
Part 1 – the season seven “American Idol” finalist reveals why she wrote a song about reconciliation for her Christmas album, and how becoming a new mother makes this a special Christmas because she can see the love of God in her daughter’s eyes.





Colton Dixon


Colton Dixon– the singer/songwriter from “American Idol” discusses his new career in the Christian music industry, the difference that Christ has made in his life, and how he dealt with the situation of being told he was too overt about his religious beliefs during his time on TV. 



Mandisa the Grammy-nominated pop and gospel singer discusses her new album “What if We Were Real,” the challenge of trusting God in difficult times, and the achievement of losing 100 pounds after a long-running battle with being overweight."




Jason Castro & Matthew West 

Jason Castro, Part 1the singer/songwriter from Season 7 of “American Idol” shares his passion for living out his faith through action and reveals the reasons he focused on Christian themes with his new album “Who I Am.”  

Matthew West, Part 2the singer recalls the difficulties he faced when he was picked on as a child and how parents can help their kids deal with the situation. 

Jason Castro & Nancy Carabio Belanger

Jason Castro, Part 2 – the conclusion of the interview with the singer/songwriter discussing his career path and his devotion to his faith.
Nancy Carabio Belanger – the author discusses her book series for young people which was inspired by the teachings of St. Therese of Lisieux. 



Brooke Barrettsmith

The contemporary Christian singer discusses how a bout with severe panic attacks led her to a stronger embrace of her Christian faith, and how her time on American Idol shaped her music career.   



Debra Byrd

(Part 1)American Idol’s vocal coach reveals why she sees her job as a ministry and how she tries to be a channel of God’s grace to all the contestants.



Debra Byrd & Christine Bentz

Debra Byrd (Part 2) – The vocal coach and arranger for American Idol reveals how her spirituality helps her deal with difficult people.
Christine Bentz (Part 1) – The St. John’s University graduate describes her experience as part of the Vincentian Lay Missionaries Program in Ethiopia


Brooke White 

(Part 1) - The singer/songwriter discusses her album High Hopes and Heartbreak, her struggle with self-confidence issues, how prayer is her anchor during times of stress, and why she’s come to see the challenges in her life as blessings.  


David Archuleta & Tom O'Rourke

David Archuleta – The American Idol runner-up and award-winning recording artist discusses the inspiration behind his Christmas album, his efforts to help the less fortunate and why he thinks the challenges he’s faced have made him a better person.
Tom O'Rourke – The lead instructor of the Christopher Leadership Course shares an original Christmas story he wrote that looks at the Nativity from Joseph’s point-of-view.   


Phil Stacey 

The former American Idol finalist shares some of his behind-the-scenes experiences with the show, and discusses how his family, faith and Naval career have shaped him as a person.



Kristy Lee Cook

The former American Idol finalist discusses her new album, the Christian faith that’s been her rock during difficult times, and the foundation she created to rescue abused and neglected horses.  




The former American Idol finalist discusses her new Christmas album, how she keeps her focus on Christ during the holiday season, and how her Christian faith helped her forgive the man who raped her.  



Brooke White & Sarah Rodriguez 

Brooke White (Part 2) - The singer/songwriter reveals the personality differences between her and her husband that strengthen their marriage, why she doesn’t Google herself, and how she overcomes times of darkness in her life. 
Sarah Rodriguez (Part 1) - The Childhelp Vice President discusses the organization's mission to provide physical, emotional and spiritual healing to victims of child abuse and neglect.