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What's New

Mary Ellen Robinson
Chief Operating Officer

November 2015

Dear Friends,

            November is a month when we remember the souls of the faithful departed, and it’s also a time when we come together with loved ones in gatherings for Thanksgiving. The Christophers pray for the souls of our dearly departed friends and hope they continue to intercede for us in all we do. 

We give special thanks for the generosity of our donors during this time of year. Through your support we are able to continue to bring a message of hope to so many people, and that message makes an amazing difference to those we reach on the margins of society.

            We recently heard from Reverend John Harrington, a priest in residence at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Astoria, Queens. He celebrates Mass each Sunday at Children’s Village in Dobbs Ferry for approximately 150 teenagers who fled desperate circumstances in Central and South America. We sent Father Harrington Spanish versions of our new prayer cards “Qualities of a Leader” and “I am not Alone,” and he wrote back to tell us of the impact it had on his ministry to be able to share materials that reinforce the dignity of all. 

Father Harrington wrote, “Because of The Christophers, I can put materials in their hands which convey that the Church in no way forgets them. On the contrary, we are not only present but caring.”

We also recently heard from Deacon Peter Andre, a prison minister from the Diocese of Saint Petersburg, Florida. We sent Deacon Peter our latest Three Minutes a Day books, as well as prayer cards in both English and Spanish and he wrote back to tell us of how important these contributions are to his ministry as he prepares to distribute our materials to inmates during the Advent and Christmas season. Deacon Peter wrote:

                             We simply could not do it without the help of The Christophers!
                           How can we ever adequately say thank you? May God continue
                           to bless you, your staff, your benefactors, with a showering of
                           His blessings, and constant affirmations of His abiding love.

            Deacon Peter’s words inspire us to continue all we do, and we hope everyone will order copies of our latest materials and share them with loved ones during this time of year.

             In the coming year, we will have a News Note on the importance of caring for and connecting with God’s creation. And we will also have a pamphlet on stewardship that we hope our donors will take the time to read and share with others in order to help sustain and grow our mission.

            Please also be sure to check out Father Morris’ latest videos on Stewardship, Heroism, Saints, and on being a Light in the Darkness. They can all be viewed right here on our website, and his book Light in the Darkness: The Teachings of Father James Keller, M.M., and The Christophers can be purchased in our online shop.

            We wish you all the blessings of a Happy Thanksgiving!  




Mary Ellen Robinson

Vice President/COO


“The New York Leadership staff enjoys a visit with inspiring Detroit Instructor, Gloria Henry (second from the left).”