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      Originally created and written by Father Keller, News Notes are brief, bright brochures ideal for ideas and inspiration.  Published ten times a year, on a variety topics, subscriptions are available free-of-charge in both print and electronic formats.  Many of our most recent News Notes are available below, in full, for members of The Christophers Online community!

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NEW NN 602 - Confidence in Prayer

NEW NN 601 - Where there is hatred, let me sow love

NN 600 - Embracing the Spirit of Christmas

NN 599 - Wisdom from the Saints

NN 598 - Accepting that God Loves You

NN 597 - Caregivers Need Care, Too

NN 596 - The God of Second Chances

NN 595 - Living Joyfully in a Stressed Out World

NN 594 - Stories of Modern - Day - Christ - Bearers

NN 593 - Applying the Bible to Your Life

NN 592 - Recovery from Addiction Through God and Service

NN 591 - Finding the Courage Within

NN 590 - Jesus: The Light of the World

NN 589 - Humor for the Soul

NN 588 - Leadership in Mercy

NN 587 - Teach Yourself to Think More Clearly

NN 586 - God's Good Earth

NN 585 - ReInvent Yourself to Find Success

NN 584 - How Sports Can Help You Win at Life

NN 583 - Choose Hope..... Share Hope

NN 582 - Guilt - And What to Do About It

NN 581 - How to Discover and Cultlvate Your Talents

NN 580 - Open Yourself to God's Grace

NN 579 - Finding Serenity in Silence

NN 578 - Overcoming Envy and Jealousy

NN 577 - Building a Relationship with Jesus

NN 576 - Mental Illness: Healing the Unseen Wounds

NN 575 - Appreciating our Elders

NN 574 - Staying Positive Around Negative People

NN 573 - Angels: Messengers from God

NN 572 - Simplifying Your Life

NN 571 - Pope Francis

NN 570 - Practicing Patience

NN 569 - Perservering Through Pain and Struggle

NN 568 - Listening When God Speaks

NN 567 - Overcoming Loneliness

NN 566 - Building an Active Prayer Life

NN 565 - Blessed Are The Merciful

NN 564 - Your God-Given Purpose - The human mind plans the way

NN 563 - The Holy Journey of Two Popes

NN 562 - Serving the Poor - What you do with what you have

NN 561 - Building Spriritual Friendships - The defintion of friendship

NN 560: From Sinners to Saints - No one is to far gone for God

NN 559 -  Making Christmas Happy and Holy

NN 558: Gifts of the Holy Spirit - When we are Baptized

NN 557: Teaching Teens to Make Good Choices 

NN 556: Seeing Christ In Others - What Do You See

NN 555: The Key to Self - Worth - You Are Precious

NN 554: Getting Through Grief with GOD - We All Encounter Grief

NN 553: Holy Women of the Church - Women in Church from the Beginning

NN 552: Choosing Your Words Wisely - Words Have Power

NN 551: Growing in Faith - Faith is Our Response to God's Call

NN 550: The Power of Humility - Christians are suppose to strive for

NN 549: Gratitude - Learning to be Grateful

NN 548: Being A Christopher - Father James Keller, M.M. founder of The Christophers

NN 547: Choosing Faith Over Fear - When it Comes to Fear We Are All Experts

NN 546: The Corporal Works of Mercy -God is Merciful SOLD OUT

NN 545: Lord, Teach Us to Pray We speak to God and He speaks to us.

NN 544: Connecting Generations: Think Back to Your Childhood! 

NN 543: Finding Joy in Difficult Times: Joy what a delightful word that is!

NN 542: Military Chaplains: Inspiration in Action 

NN 541: Secrets of a Successful Marriage - I DO

NN 540: Living the Golden Rule - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

NN 539: Effective Leadership  Leaders Are Made, Not Born

NN 538: Stand Up to Bullying Everybody's problem - right now

NN 537: Understanding Addiction a treatable disease

NN 533: Good Sportsmanship On and Off the Field

NN 532: Volunteering  At some point in our lives, most of us volunteer

NN 529: Parenting Alone  Parenting is a challenge in even the best circumstances

NN 528: What's Your Purpose?  We talk about what our lives really mean and why they matter

NN 527: Technology: Tools for Today  New technology offers great possibilities and unique challenges

NN 526: AIDS: Understanding and Compassion  Knowing the truth about AIDS and HIV is the first step to ending myths and saving lives.

NN 525: Hope for Troubled Marriages  We look at realistic ways to find hope for troubled marriages

NN 523: Working Through a Tough Economy  A tough economy takes a toll on people's personal and financial lives - we share tips and strategies for making it through.

NN 522: Christopher Closeup: Stories of Hope  Highlighting inspirational stories from Christopher Closeup radio guests.

NN 521: Abortion: Stand Up for Life!  We examine today's pro-life issues, with special concern for unborn babies and their families.

NN 520: Blessings of Laughter  Savor the blessings of laughter every day - we talk about the value of humor.

NN 519: At the Heart of Prayer  Discussing ways to develop personal spirituality

NN 518: Teens: Find Your Inner Strength  Help young people nurture peace and courage

NN 516: Something Sensible about Sex  How do we claim our sexuality for the God-given blessing that it is?

NN 515: Beyond Your Control  How do you know when to accept things - and when to try to change them

NN 513: Hope for the Homebound - And those who care for them  How we can support those who are unable to leave home, hospital, hospice or nursing home - and those who care for them.

NN 512: A Word About Words   Better communication means listening well, speaking thoughfully and advising carefully.

NN 511: Your Career Counts  Ways to live the Christopher message while on the job.

NN 510: Bring Out the Best in Others  Encouragement, motivation and good example make a difference.

NN 508: It's Your Choice!  A look at the decisions we make and how they affect others as well as ourselves.

NN 507: Living with Grief and Loss  How to heal ourselves and how to comfort those who have lost loved ones.

NN 506: Your Own Good: How to Care for Your Whole Self  We need to care for our whole selves, body, mind and soul.

NN 505: Dealing with Addiction  We look at ways to deal with addiction to alcohol, drugs and other dangerous substances.

NN 504: Victims of Divorce: Helping Children Deal with Loss  How separation and divorce affect the whole family - especially children.

NN 503: The Greatest Gift  Talking about faith, hope, and especially, love - as described in St. Paul's letter to the Corinthians.

NN 502: Let's Stay Civil!  We examine the importance of courtesy and respect in our words and actions.

NN 501: GIving from the Heart  How do you give of yourself?  We'll look at ways we can best express generosity of time, talent and financial resources.

NN 500: All God's Children: Respecting the Religious Beliefs of Others  Just as we want our religious beliefs respected, we have an obligation to respect those of others.

NN 499: Open Hearts, Helping Hands: Seeing the Poor Among Us  A look at poverty in our communities and in the world at large.

NN 498: Take the Lead!  Take a look at the Christopher Leadership Course and the values and skills it teaches.

NN 497: Standing Up for Standards  Examine why both personal and public values matter.

NN 496: Your Good Example Makes a Difference Recognizing our impact on others and setting an example we can be proud of.

NN 494: Road Rage: Put the Breaks On How to keep your cool and stay human on the highway.

NN 493: Shattered Love: Picking Up the Pieces after Domestic Violence  How to renew your faith in God and love yourself after an abusive relationship.

NN 492: Lent: Discovering Joy in a Solemn Season  Learning about Lent, and how to love it.

NN 486: Positive Attitude; Positive Choices  A good attitude is the key to happiness and success.

NN 485: Take Care of Yourself: Body, Mind and Soul  Simple ways to live healthier inside and out.