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February 2021
Dear Friends,


            February 3rd is the Feast of Saint Blaise, when the sacramental Blessing of the Throats takes

place at parishes around the country. Due to restrictions relating to COVID we expect some of these

ceremonies will be curtailed or altered in some way. But let’s all remember to pray for the intercession

of Saint Blaise on this day, to bring healing to all those who are suffering from ailments of the throat and

especially those who are suffering from the coronavirus and those who are waiting for a vaccine. May

Saint Blaise intercede to bring healing to the sick and for those most vulnerable to receive the vaccine in

a timely manner.

            And February 14 is the Feast of Saint Valentine, which falls on a Sunday this year. Let us pray

for true love to flourish as people struggle to make meaningful connections during this time of social

isolation. May Saint Valentine intercede on behalf of the Church, for people to be able to return to the

sacraments and for the sacrament of marriage to bring joy and renewal into people’s lives in 2021.

            Our recent News Note Live Joyfully provides timely wisdom on how we can overcome obstacles

to joy even in the most difficult times. And our News Note Discerning God’s Still Small Voice is a reminder

of how God speaks to us in quiet ways amid the distractions of everyday life.

            We also have two wonderful upcoming News Notes that everyone can look forward to. Clear Conscience, Peaceful Soul explores the gift of the human conscience, how to hear God speak to us through our conscience, and how to cultivate a conscience that can help to guide us even in the most trying circumstances. And Fighting Depression, Finding Hope speaks to the despair that afflicts so many in our society today, shining a light on solutions to depression, destigmatizing those who are suffering, and reminding people that Christ is with them in their suffering and that there are solutions to these problems and hope in the future.

            And our latest prayer card Father serves as a beautiful reminder of God’s love for each person. On the front is a prayer expressing our confidence in God’s care and responsiveness to all of our needs, and on the back are the words of Christ, reminding us of the love we are called to show one another as children of God.

            We still have some Three Minutes a Day books left so please be sure to order copies for anyone who might benefit from our daily uplifting readings.

            Thanks to our donors for making all we do possible. God bless!



Mary Ellen Robinson


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Mary Ellen Robinson


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