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Mary Ellen Robinson
Chief Operating Officer

January 2018
Dear Friends,

           The Christophers wish everyone a joyous New Year! May 2018 bring peace and prosperity to our nation and the world, and may God’s love become evident to all those in need of discovering His mercy.

            Our latest News Note Confidence in Prayer is a great reminder of how our lives are transformed when we turn to God with an open heart. Through real life stories of people who placed their trust in the power of prayer, we can see how knowledge of God’s love can lead us to know how to ask for what we need and then respond to the path we are called to follow.

            Our Caregiver Prayer Card is a beautiful meditation on the spiritual gifts that await those who serve the most vulnerable in their midst. Whether for loved ones who are suffering or a ministry being performed in the community, it is a tremendous challenge to abandon our own cares to the task of serving another. This prayer card can help to ground caregivers in an understanding of how God is working through them to bring mercy into the world.

            Answering this call to bring mercy into the world is one of the great missions of the Church, and it is a mission that Catholics support generously throughout the world. As we lay out our goals and prepare to take on challenges in  this new year, it is important to take the time to remember those who work on the front lines of the Church, laboring to show the face of Christ to people in need. The Christophers applaud the efforts of everyone who donates time, talent, and treasure to Catholic outreach and missionary work. Your spirit of generosity is the backbone of the Church and one that gives inspiration to us all. Your contributions are known throughout the world by anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear. Thanks for all you do!

            The life of Sister Ruth Pfau, a German-born Catholic missionary who passed away in August of 2017 at the age of 87, is a model for those striving to bring mercy into the world on a daily basis. Both a doctor and religious sister, she devoted her life to eradicating leprosy in Pakistan. Reporting on this beautiful story, the Catholic News Agency quoted Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussein, who said that Sr. Ruth “cannot be forgotten. She left her homeland and made Pakistan her home to serve humanity. Pakistani nation salutes Dr. Pfau and her great tradition to serve humanity will be continued.”

            What a wonderful example of the chain reaction of light that is set in motion when good people devote their lives to serving others. Another great model of this way of mercy is the life story of Father Patrick Peyton, who started the “Family Rosary Crusade.” Through his gentle manner and faith in God, he led others to trust in the power of prayer in difficult times. Last month, on December 18, Pope Francis declared Father Peyton “Venerable,” acknowledging his heroic virtue. Let us pray for the intercession of this holy priest who exalted the power of prayer during his lifetime, that each of us might have the courage to walk the path of faith we are called to each and every day.

            A special thanks to our benefactors and supporters during this time of year. It is only with you that The Christophers are able to continue to bring Father Keller’s message of hope to the world. Thank you!




Mary Ellen Robinson

Vice President/COO