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Mary Ellen Robinson
Chief Operating Officer

November 2017
Dear Friends,

           We open this month with the Solemnity of All Saints Day on November 1st followed by the Feast of All Souls Day on the 2nd. It’s a great time to pray for the intercession of the saints and for the souls of the faithful departed and all loved ones who have gone before us. The Christophers offer special prayers during this time for deceased benefactors of our organization, that they are in heaven and intercede for us, and for our Christopher friends around the world, that they have peace in their lives and sense the love of God in a tangible way.

            We recently sent out copies of our 2018 Three Minutes a Day book and have already received such a beautiful response to this 52nd volume of our spiritual classic. One of our dear friends wrote back to us, saying: Thank you so much for sending me the “Three Minutes a Day” book.I appreciate it and use it every day. My prayers are with all of you at  The Christophers who make a difference in the world.


            A special thanks to all our friends who wrote such beautiful notes about the book and to all who take the time to share the life-changing readings contained within its pages. We share Three Minutes a Day in the hopes that it will touch people’s hearts and inspire them to spread the message that each individual has a unique purpose in life that belongs to no one else but them. We are grateful to all Christopher friends for sharing that message with others.

            We also recently received a wonderful response to Father Dougherty’s Light One Candle column on coping with anxiety and depression, with heartfelt notes accompanied by requests for our News Note #576: Mental Illness: Healing the Unseen Wounds. Thanks to our donors for making it possible for us to send out free copies of this vital News Note to help inspire people to have hope amid the turmoil of life.

            We pray that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and that those who are less fortunate find the warmth, comfort, and comradery of friends and family and other outreach volunteers during this time of year. It is important for all of us to take the time to thank God for the gifts bestowed upon us. Though we all experience rough patches in life, let’s give thanks for everything we do have. The Christophers’ prayer card Living in Appreciation is nice to share at the table for Thanksgiving. It’s a beautiful prayer that helps bring to mind all we should be grateful for in this life.             

            Towards the end of this month, we will celebrate the Feast of Christ the King, which calls to mind Christ’s royalty over the entire universe. It’s the perfect feast to celebrate before the start of Advent, when we prepare ourselves for Christ’s second coming and for the joyous festivities of Christmas. Let’s remember to let Christ reign in our hearts during this time of year so we can share His light with the world around us.

           God bless you all! You are in our prayers.





Mary Ellen Robinson

Vice President/COO