Mary Ellen Robinson

Vice President/COO

September 2019
Dear Friends,


     September is a month of transition for so many people around our nation. Young people return to

school, and everyone seems to be reorienting themselves towards a renewed commitment to their

work. We pray that in this time all people find the opportunity to discover and explore their God-given

talents within the work they do and to commit themselves to using those talents for the greater good.


     The Christophers recently received a beautiful note from a chaplain who works at a mental health

facility. We had sent him some News Notes and Three Minutes a Day books to use in his ministry,

and he wanted to update us on how they have been received. He wrote:

                    In June, I started using the daily selections as a basis for spiritual

                    reflections in our juvenile ward (ages 12-17). About two weeks ago,

                    I started using selections from the book to lead reflections in the adult

                    wards as well. The reflections have been very well received. I want to

                    thank you for your help and support. Peace and Blessings to you in your

                    wonderful ministry of hope.


     We love to receive such positive feedback about the impact our materials are having on those in need. We create these materials for the sole purpose of lifting the human spirit beyond whatever suffering and turmoil exists in a person’s life so they can reach a point of peace and understanding of God’s profound love for them.

     On September 15, we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, a day that invites us to meditate on the suffering and grief of Mary during the passion and death of Jesus. It is a day to join with Mary in bringing our suffering to the foot of the cross, and it is a day that reminds us of Mary’s closeness to Christ’s passion and her ability to intercede on our behalf. We pray that those with severe emotional wounds join Mary at the foot of the cross on the feast day of her passion in order to find healing and renew the world with joy.


     Thanks to our donors for making all we do possible. You remain forever in our prayers. God Bless!    

Mary Ellen Robinson

Vice President/COO

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