September 2021
Dear Friends,


            With a deep and abiding sorrow, The Christophers join with people of good will around our

nation and throughout the world in recalling during this month of September the tragedy of 9/11. We

honor the fallen, and we pray for them to be in heaven and intercede for the loved ones they left behind

to be healed of the pain of their loss.

            September 15 is the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, when we are called to reflect on the immense

pain of our Blessed Mother at key points in the life of Christ and most especially in his passion and death.

Let us commend those who lost loved ones in the attacks on our nation on 9/11 to the intercession of

Our Lady of Sorrows. We pray that Mary guide those with lasting pain to the healing power of her son,

so they might find peace and know that all things will be renewed and made right through the justice

and mercy of God.

            The Christophers recently produced a short video series on the Sacrament of Reconciliation, along with a prayer card that provides a beautiful meditation on this healing ritual of the Church. Our video series features Father Edward Dougherty, M.M., sharing wisdom to help break down common barriers that stand in people’s way of partaking of this important sacrament. We encourage everyone to go to the link on our website to view this inspiring series, which will be posted in mid-September.

            Our video series on reconciliation is the first of what we plan to be regular video commentary by Father Dougherty. These three-minute videos are perfect for viewing on one’s phone or tablet and can even be enjoyed while on the go. We pray that Father’s beautiful words will help Catholics return to a full practice of the faith even while we take precautions to keep ourselves safe.

            Thanks to our donors for making all we do possible. It is only with your support that we’re able to share Christ’s message of hope with a world in need. God bless!



Mary Ellen Robinson


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Mary Ellen Robinson


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