September 2020
Dear Friends,


            The Christophers pray for students around our nation as they return to school during this trying

time. We hope that families find the strength to pull together and meet the unique challenges currently

presented in educating their children.

            September 18 is the Feast Day of Saint Joseph of Cupertino, who is the patron saint of

studying and of those struggling to overcome obstacles to learning. May he intercede for all students

and parents working to overcome obstacles to education in this most difficult year.

            This month, we also celebrate the Feast Day of Saint Peter Claver, a Jesuit missionary to

South America who advocated for abolition of the slave trade while also working tirelessly to share the

faith with those who were enslaved. May Saint Peter Claver intercede for all of us to heal the wounds

of racial persecution and discrimination, for all missionaries around the world in their efforts to share  the faith and advocate for the poor and marginalized, and for The Christophers in our 75th anniversary year, that we are blessed to advocate for the dignity of all people in society for another 75 years.

            The Christophers’ 2021 Three Minutes a Day book is on its way to press and available for order. We encourage everyone to contact us with your orders for this wonderful yearly publication that lifts people’s spirits on a daily basis with inspiring readings and reflections. Three Minutes a Day makes a wonderful Christmas gift, so please be sure to consider all the people in your life who might benefit from the daily dose of inspiration this spiritual classic provides.

            We are so heartened by the regular communications we receive encouraging The Christophers in our vital work during this challenging time in our nation. We can’t even begin to thank everyone enough for your well-wishes and support.

            Lastly, The Christophers’ News Note Failure Isn’t Fatal is one that provides insight that might be very timely for many people in our nation today. This has been a tremendously difficult year, with profound challenges that have invariably led to moments of failure on many fronts of daily life. It is a time to remember that amazing growth and improvement can occur when we remain committed to learning from failure. So, as we hope and pray for life to get back to normal, let’s remember that God is with us always and especially in these trying times, guiding us to grow and become the people we need to be.

            A very special thanks to the generosity of our donors. Without your help, none of our outreach would be possible. God bless!

Mary Ellen Robinson


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Mary Ellen Robinson



Available at the end of September to order