August 2021

Dear Friends, 

            This month, on August 15, we celebrate the Assumption of Mary into heaven, a belief that traces its roots back to early Christian times and a story of an empty tomb discovered after Saint Thomas requested the opening of the place of Mary’s burial. Let us pray during this time that Mary intercede on behalf of all those who doubt so that their faith might be strengthened and so that we all might come to rest more confidently in the power of God to relieve all of our doubts.

            This month is also dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and we pray that people turn to the Blessed Mother with all of their concerns and with the concerns of our nation and the world, so that we might find our way through these trying times to a more thriving society rooted in the virtues of faith, hope, and charity. And we pray most especially for the Blessed Mother to intercede for a permanent end to the pandemic and to watch over us all so that we might gather in our families and communities with safety and confidence.

            The Christophers are excited to announce that our 2022 Three Minutes a Day books will be available in early October. This beloved classic, featuring brand new stories every year, makes a wonderful gift and most especially a wonderful Christmas present, so we encourage everyone to order those extra copies while supplies last because there is no greater gift than the words of hope and encouragement in the daily readings of Three Minutes a Day.

            And available right now is our latest prayer card on the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This prayer is a beautiful meditation that is connected to a short video series we have been working on with Father Edward Dougherty, M.M. In this series, Father Dougherty speaks to us from Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan, where he currently serves, saying Mass, hearing confessions, and ministering to the many people who frequent this iconic pilgrimage site in American Catholicism. Our Sacrament of Reconciliation prayer card reflects Father Dougherty’s inspiring words in the four short talks featured in this video series, pointing to the healing power of forgiveness found in this great sacrament of the Church.

            A special thanks to all who support our mission and most especially to those in religious life, whose encouragement we could not do without. God bless!


Mary Ellen Robinson


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Mary Ellen Robinson


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