August 2020

Dear Friends,

            August is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and we offer prayers throughout this entire month in the hopes of emulating the love for Christ that Mary holds within her heart. On August 6, we celebrate the Feast of the Transfiguration, when the apostles Peter, James, and John witnessed Jesus transformed with light on top of a mountain.

            What an amazing reward the prophets received that day when they followed Christ up the mountain. It’s the kind of reward that came about due to their close personal friendship with Jesus. In one of his recent Light One Candle columns, Father Edward Dougherty, M.M., explains how friendship itself can lead us closer to Christ. He writes:

God has reasons for placing us in each other’s lives. We strike up friendships for various reasons. Sometimes it is because we have a lot in common and our friendship becomes a celebration of those things we hold dear. But sometimes we come from very different backgrounds and our friendship forms over a need to discover some new insight that can only be encountered by venturing beyond our comfort zone. No matter the circumstances, friendship is not just an experience of enjoying the company of others. At its best, friendship is an opportunity to discover Christ.


            The Christophers’ prayer card I Am Not Alone reminds us of the friendship God extends to us all on a regular basis, and our News Note Making a Friend of Jesus uses examples of the saints as a guide to building a close personal relationship with Christ. There is nothing more important than friendship with Jesus in our lives and especially in times of uncertainty.

            The Christophers pray for all those facing uncertainty during this difficult time in our country, and we especially pray for parents and schoolchildren facing the uncertainty of what the coming year will hold for them. May they draw on the peace of Christ to see them through these uncertain times and may they overcome whatever challenges they face to find new ways to explore their talents and utilize their gifts to make the world a better place.

            Lastly, we offer a heartfelt congratulations to Christopher writer Garan Santicola, who just won a 2020 Catholic Press Award for his Beauty & Truth column on the arts for Catholic New York newspaper. In response to winning the award, he said, “The work I do for The Christophers influences my entire outlook as a writer and has played an important part in preparing me to craft the Beauty & Truth column for Catholic New York. Every writer should be so blessed as to spend time articulating the life-affirming message of The Christophers. It reminds me daily that I should be trying to see with the eyes of hope in all situations of life.”

            It is always great to learn of how The Christophers’ message of hope has impacted someone’s life. We thank our donors for making it possible for us to continue to articulate this life-affirming message. Thanks for your support now and always. God bless!     


Mary Ellen Robinson


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Mary Ellen Robinson