February 2019
Dear Friends,


             February is the month of the Holy Family, when we celebrate Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as a

model for all families to follow. We also honor some amazing saints this month, such as Saint Blaise,

whose feast we celebrate on February 3rd, when many parishes will offer a blessing of the throats, a

beloved sacramental during this time of year when throat ailments can be so common.

             February 21st is the Feast of Saint Peter Damian, who strove to purify the early Christian

Church. Let us pray that he shine his protection and devotion over all of us in our Church today.

February is also a special time of caring for our loved ones, and Valentine’s Day is a wonderful occasion

to remind those important to us of our appreciation for the role they play in our lives. 

             We recently received a beautiful note from someone who wrote to tell us of the important impact our Christopher materials have had on her life. She said, “I have been receiving your prayer pamphlets for many years, and I just opened one last night…. It was such a blessing. It is one of your Christopher News Notes. This pamphlet was written, I feel, with me in mind.” She went on to explain some of her daily sufferings and describe the way in which our Christopher materials have touched her heart in the most trying times, and she concluded by saying, “I need your prayers and I am asking for reading material to help me along. It need not be grand material or big books, just pamphlets or prayer cards, things to help me in my daily sufferings, along with all the ways I pray to our Lord already.”

             We are so grateful to our donors for making it possible to reach out to those in need with our uplifting materials. One of our latest offerings is a prayer card entitled “Uplift My Spirit,” which features a prayer on one side that raises the heart and mind to God in the most peaceful way, and, on the other side, we offer helpful tips for allowing the hope of Christ to enter our lives through our daily routine.

             We have also recently released a News Note entitled Discover Your Mission in Life, which so beautifully guides readers to understand that, no matter what their station in life, God is calling them to utilize their talents to bring good into the world.

             We know these newly released materials will be a blessing to all who receive them. Thanks again to our donors for making our mission possible. God Bless!



Mary Ellen Robinson

Vice President/COO

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