July 2021

Dear Friends, 

            The Christophers extend our deepest sympathies to those affected by the building collapse in South Florida recently. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost loved ones and to all those involved in the heroic search effort as so many families await news of their missing loved ones. May all those who have lost their lives be in heaven, and may grieving families find consolation as they mourn the loss of lives cut short by this tragedy.

            On this year’s Independence Day, The Christophers encourage everyone to recall the sacrifices made by so many men and women in the earliest days of our nation as we celebrate the freedoms we hold so dear. May their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of all those who have followed in their footsteps to defend liberty throughout the years, be honored. It is only in recognizing these sacrifices that we enable ourselves to learn from the past and build upon all that is good that has come before us.

            On July 14 we celebrate the Feast of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American saint in the history of the Church. Born in 1656 in present-day New York State, Kateri grew up learning the ways of the Mohawk people, and she became a talented artisan capable of creating beautiful clothing and woven items for household use. Having survived a smallpox epidemic as a child, she was left badly scarred and was known to be shy, often wearing head coverings to hide her scars. Kateri exhibited a profound understanding of the Catholic faith and became a spiritual leader for other Native Americans both before and after her death at the young age of 24. Many miracles and intercessions have been attributed to her ever since. May Saint Kateri intercede for us all and especially for our nation to bring healing and unity so that we can work together to continue building a just and merciful society.

            Father Edward M. Dougherty, M.M., recently celebrated his 42nd anniversary as a priest, and The Christophers are so grateful to have him working with us and providing spiritual guidance for our organization. We are currently working on a short film featuring Father Dougherty speaking on the Sacrament of Reconciliation. His words provide a powerful witness to the value of this healing sacrament, and we think it will be something everyone will be eager to share with family and friends to inspire a return to benefiting from this great gift of the Church.

            Lastly, we hope everyone has a chance to spend quality time away from the routine of everyday life this summer, so that we all might find rejuvenation, in order to continue answering the call to improve the world around us. A special thanks to our donors for making all we do possible. God Bless!


Mary Ellen Robinson


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Mary Ellen Robinson