May 2021

Dear Friends, 

          May is the month of motherhood and of Mary, the mother of God and the spiritual mother of all humanity. Let us pray for Mary’s intercession for all mothers around the world and especially those who are struggling to care for their families amid the many challenges that afflict our world. 

          Let us also pray for the intercession of Saint Joseph the Worker, whose feast day we celebrate on May 1st. We pray for Saint Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede for families around the world to be treated with dignity and find opportunity to grow and thrive according to God’s plan.

          May is also a wonderful time to share our Christopher Reminder prayer card, which has been updated and is now adorned with a beautiful pink tulip. This is a favorite prayer card for so many people, and we encourage everyone to order copies of this beautiful reminder of God’s love, which is the most essential knowledge we need to get through each and every day.

          The Christophers recently announced the winners of our 33rd Annual Video Contest for College Students and our 31st Annual High School Poster Contest. First prize in our video contest went to Jillian Kay of Emerson College for her short film The Hug, in which she interviews former celebrity chef Bill Bracken about his nonprofit and its mission to serve gourmet meals to those who are homeless or food insecure.

          And first prize in our poster contest went to Alexi Ann Farrell, a homeschooled senior from Rockford, Illinois, for her digital poster highlighting her volunteer work and particularly her work with youngsters who have special needs. At the center of her poster is the encouraging statement, “You can make a difference by embracing ability rather than disability.” Recalling a project led by her vocal coach to put on a performance in partnership with a Down Syndrome achievement center, Alexi said, “I was asked to assist in directing, as well as mentoring the students who wished to participate, and I fell in love with the work.”

          The Christophers hope everyone has the opportunity to experience a wonderful Mother’s Day this year and that families have a chance to come together and show all women who have sacrificed so much for their families that they are loved and cared for.

          Thanks to our donors for your support and words of encouragement to uplift our spirits during these trying times. You remain in our prayers. God bless!


Mary Ellen Robinson


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Mary Ellen Robinson