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2024 Books for Adults:

Call for Entry 


Beginning in May 2024, we will be accepting emailed submissions of your 2024 Christopher Awards entries. If you would like to submit pdfs or download links, please send the email to to pass on for judging.

Please review our Christopher Awards’ Backgrounder and recent winners’ list, and submit your 2024 nonfiction titles that fit our criteria no later than November 16.

To be eligible, books must be original titles published in the 2024 calendar year. There are no entry forms for you to fill out and no entry fees.


The 76th annual Christopher Award winners will be announced in Spring 2025 They will go to writers, producers, directors and illustrators in the publishing, film, broadcast TV/cable/streaming industries.

Reminder: We read submissions continually throughout the year, so please add us to your seasonal mailing list, and send appropriate titles as soon as they are published.


Thank you for your continuing support of our Christopher Awards program! 


“Storytelling is at its best when it topples ignorance and opens us to others, but these days it is difficult to tell such tales. The media mirror reflects mostly celebrity and power.  That’s why I cherish the Christopher Award for my book: American Story, a Lifetime Search for Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things. The honor recognizes the importance of seeking the stories of people who are ruled by courage and love, who endure no matter what the challenge and reshape our world for the better.  They may feel they are not particularly important, the Christopher Award tells them the very opposite.”

- Bob Dotson, National Correspondent, NBC Today Show

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