Christopher Closeup encourages people of all ages and from all walks of life to use their God-given talents to make a positive difference in the world. The weekly half-hour series regularly introduces listeners to individuals - some famous, some not so famous - who are using their gifts, talents, and abilities to create a better world.

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Adrienne Bankert 

Adrienne Bankert – the ABC News correspondent and author of “Your Hidden Superpower: The Kindness That Makes You Unbeatable at Work and Connects You With Anyone” discusses how kindness has been the key factor in her personal and professional success – and how all of us can more intentionally practicekindness in our own lives.

Megan Alexander

Megan Alexander – the “Inside Edition” correspondent discusses how she maintains and shares her Christian faith and stays true to her beliefs in a secular industry. She also talks about the two books she has now authored: “Faith in the Spotlight” and a children’s book entitled “One More Hug.”

Jeannie Gaffigan

Jeannie Gaffigan – the wife and writing partner of comedian Jim Gaffigan discusses her new memoir “When Life Gives You Pears,” the pear-sized brain tumor that upended her life, how the Catholic faith in which she was raised became a powerful force in her life, and why she believes that God gave her some new commandments to follow after she survived her ordeal.

Chris Edmonds

Chris Edmonds – the author discusses the biography he wrote about his father Roddie Edmonds’ acts of heroism during World War II, the way in which he saved the lives of Jewish American soldiers in a Nazi POW camp, and how his Christian faith was a motivating and unifying force in his life. 

Ashley Eckstein

Ashley Eckstein – the voice of Jedi-in-training Ahsoka Tano in the animated “Star Wars” series “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels” discusses her faith, what it’s like portraying a character who is a role model to many, her dedication to removing the stigma from mental health challenges, and why she is so committed to promoting kindness after being cyberbullied several years ago.

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt - Like a lot of people, Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt grew up thinking that forgiveness required the actions of two people: 1) the person who hurt you apologizing for what he or she did – and 2) you, who would grant that person forgiveness. But what Katherine came to realize as she got older – and especially during the writing of her New York Times best-selling book “The Gift of Forgiveness: Inspiring Stories From Those Who Have Overcome the Unforgivable”.

Paula Faris

Paula Faris part 1 - the Emmy Award-winning ABC News anchor and correspondent discusses her new “Journeys of Faith” podcast in which she interviews newsmakers about their spiritual beliefs. She also talks about her personal faith and the way in which a “season of hell” in her life led her to step back from some of her professional responsibilities to focus more on her family.

Paula Faris, Part 2 – the ABC News correspondent and author of “Called Out: Why I Traded Two Dream Jobs for a Life of True Calling” discusses the emotional and spiritual impact of her father’s recent death and the reason she had the words “BeStill” tattooed on her wrist. 

Bonnie Hunt

Bonnie Hunt, Part 1– the actress—known for films including “Cheaper by the Dozen,” “Jumanji,” and “Return to Me” —discusses her life growing up in a large Catholic family in Chicago, why she pursued a career as a nurse, the devastation she felt after her father’s sudden death at age 50, and why she interpreted an unexpected encounter with a patient she was caring for as a sign from her father in heaven.

Bonnie Hunt, Part 2– the actress, writer and producer recalls her award-winning film “Return to Me,” her friendship with actor Carroll O’Connor who starred in that movie, and the selflessness she learned from her mom Alice, which continues to inspire her.

Peggy Weber

Peggy Weber - the author and veteran Catholic journalist discusses her book “Enough As You Are: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Appreciating the Gift of You,” the dangers of comparing yourself to others, and the power of small kindnesses in changing a life. 

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise – the acclaimed actor and humanitarian discusses his memoir “Grateful American,” his dedication to helping disabled veterans and first responders, his conversion to the Catholic faith, and the gratitude that motivates his life and charity work.  

Colleen Carroll Campbell

Colleen Carroll Campbell – How the Saints (and One Heretic) Taught Colleen Carroll Campbell That God’s Idea of Perfection is Different Than the World’s.

Josh Turner

Josh Turner – the country music superstar discusses his first-ever gospel album “I Serve a Savior,” the way he maintains his integrity in the entertainment business, and the ways that faith, family, and fatherhood keep him grounded in life.

Victoria Arlen

Victoria Arlen – the Paralympic gold medalist, former “Dancing with the Stars” competitor, and ESPN personality discusses the illness that left her in a vegetative state for two years beginning at age 11, how she maintained hope during her darkest days, and how prayer and faith moved her toward healing and recovery.

Spencer Christian

Spencer Christian – the former weatherperson and anchor of “Good Morning America” discusses the gambling addiction that almost ruined his life, the ways in which God helped him to overcome it, and the reasons he grew up an optimistic and hopeful person despite experiencing racism in the Jim Crow-era South of his youth.

Jen Lilley

Jen Lilley, Show #1 - the actress known for her work on “General Hospital” and “Days of Our Lives” discusses her Hallmark Channel romantic comedy “Harvest Love,” why she is deeply devoted to charities that help vulnerable children, why she and her husband recently chose to become foster parents, and how her Christian faith influences her career decisions.

Jen Lilley, Show #2 - the actress and singer discusses her single “King of Hearts,” the way the proceeds helped save the life of a child, how the experience of foster parenting has changed her, and why she was drawn to starring in the Hallmark Channel Christmas movie “Mingle All the Way.”

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