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WE WILL BE BACK in 2025! 

University of St. Mary of the Lake Seminary Mundelein Illinois

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God Bless.


Success Begins with Confidence!

 “Love of people for the love of God is an essential quality of a true leader.”

-- Father James Keller, M.M., Founder of Christophers, 1945


Christopher Leadership -  helps people develop speaking skills, positive attitudes and confidence-building that foster God-given abilities. Over the years the Course has been enriched by the experiences of thousands of people who have taken the program worldwide.


Christopher Leadership -  provides a unique opportunity to develop your leadership style and abilities: It teaches and explores these concepts through the framework of the Gospel message.


• Improve Your Speaking Skills
• Develop More Confidence
• Discover Hidden Talents
• Create a Positive Attitude
• Put More Purpose in Your Life

ArchNY Class_Middletown June 8 2019_edit
ArchNY Class_Bronx May 4 2019.jpg


Christopher leadership coordinator and instructor, Pam Hammond, presented training segments in public speaking and communication skills for religious education leaders in the Archdiocese of New York. Communications Skills is one part of the Archdiocese’s required Basic Leadership Training Course for all new Directors and Coordinators of Religious Education. Eighteen dedicated leaders participated in the Saturday workshops held at parishes in the Bronx and Middletown, NY.

 “When I took the course I was in the process of interviewing for a job and I learned through the course that we each have a God-given purpose… so it gave me confidence to realize that God had a purpose in mind for me. I just needed to trust that.”  – Nora O.

The Archdiocese of the Syriac Orthodox Church Eastern U.S., hosted its first Christophers Leadership Course at the St. Aphrem Center in Paramus, NJ on May 30th & 31st for their annual clergy retreat.  The Leadership Course, instructed by Pam Hammond and Margie Bresko, with the assistance of Tania Minas, was very well received by the Syriac clergy . His Eminence Archbishop John Kawak, pictured front center, was particularly impressed with the inherent message of The Christophers Leadership course, which simply conveys that every individual has a unique purpose to fulfill in life. This event served a dual educational purpose, as it also gave the members of the two different Christian faiths an opportunity to learn about one another.  It was a highly successful conference with both sides looking forward to working together again in the future. The Christophers would also like to thank His Eminence Archbishop John Kawak for including us as part of their Syriac clergy retreat & the warm greeting & hospitality we received during the 2 day workshop.  Also, a thank you to Very Rev. Fr. Saliba Alkassis for his help in organizing The Christophers Leadership Workshop to make it a successful event.

CLC Seminar for Archdiocese of New York

Directors and coordinators of Religious Education (new to the ministry) in the Archdiocese of New York are required to complete a two-year Basic Leadership Training course. Last month, Christopher Coordinator and instructor, Pam Hammond, presented a session on sharpening communications skills that included public speaking and written communication. Photo: Sixteen catechetical leaders under the direction of Sr. Teresita Morse, R.J.M. (not pictured) attended the May workshop at the Maryknoll Sisters’ Center in Ossining.

The Christophers Congratulate this year’s graduates of 2019 Leadership Weekend Course at St. Mary of The Lake University/Seminary

St. Mary of the Lake University/Seminary

“Due to the current nature of the pandemic, there will be no leadership courses held by The Christophers for 2021. Please keep checking our website for further updates. Take care and stay safe!” God Bless

University of St. Mary of the Lake Seminary 1000 East Maple Ave., Mundelein Illinois

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