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Fr. Ed Dougherty, M.M., The Christophers’ Board of Directors 

Finding Your Path Home to God

In his Confessions, St. Augustine wrote, “You have made us for Yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in You.” This beautiful line reveals the essence of the journey we are all on to discover and embrace the joy that comes from a deep relationship with God. 

                Edith Stein said, “Wherever you seek truth, you seek God, whether or not you know it.” This axiom reveals how essential faith is to every aspect of human life. But realizing this reality and embracing the journey can radically alter the course of our lives and lead us to progress in leaps and bounds towards living a life of joy.

                The Christopher News Note “Finding Your Path Home to God” highlights stories that demonstrate the uniqueness of each individual’s journey. For instance, Leah Libresco Sargeant was an atheist blogger who found her path to God through her love of dancing. In an interview with America magazine, she said:

                “When I started learning to waltz, I spent a lot of time just practicing the basic waltz step – the same kind of endless repetition as the Hail Marys of the Rosary. The reason I was supposed to keep practicing was so that my feet could keep the rhythm, no matter what…I wound up thinking of the Rosary as my chance to follow a ‘basic step’ for prayer. My goal wasn’t to produce epiphanies about the lives of Christ and Mary, but to fall into God’s rhythm and to be ready to move if he led me.”

                Falling into a rhythm of holiness is one of the great rewards of journeying with purpose towards God. What a beautiful account of discovering this rhythm through the circumstances of one’s life. This is how God works through all of our experiences to call us home to His loving embrace.

                In an interview with Marcus Grodi of The Coming Home Network, Leila Marie Lawlor, who was raised by secular humanist parents, found herself drawn to the Narnia stories of C.S. Lewis. Later in life, the Christian themes of her childhood reading led her to discover the Scriptures, and through this journey she encountered Christ.

                When the wife of journalist and avowed atheist Lee Strobel turned to God during a family health crisis, he undertook a hunt for facts to turn her away from a life of faith. But after interviewing scholars about the authenticity of the Gospels, he became a believer himself.

                Blessed John Henry Newman spent years on his journey toward Catholicism and came to understand that, despite his towering intellect, it was only through surrender to the workings of the Holy Spirit that he would find his way home. In his poem “Lead, Kindly Light,” Newman wrote: “Meantime, along the narrow rugged path / Thyself hast trod / Lead, Savior, lead me home in childlike faith / Home to my God.”

                It takes discernment to realize the path God is leading us along and humility to follow it. That discernment comes from recognizing the gifts we have been given and searching for ways to utilize those gifts to bring about the good in ourselves and the world around us. When we surrender to this process, we will discover the rhythm of holiness alive within our hearts. That rhythm can sustain the soul through a multitude of experiences and lead us to a way of joy that keeps us connected to God as we walk the unique path we are called to each day.



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