December 2018
Dear Friends,


          The Christophers wish everyone a blessed Advent and Christmas season. May the

anticipation of the coming of Christ into our lives be renewed, and may those who have lost their

way discover the transformative power of God’s peace at work in the world.

          December 8 is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, when we honor Mary as conceived

without sin. What a wonderful way to prepare for Christmas by celebrating the holiness of Mary,

which led to her “yes” to God. Our Christopher News Note Embracing the Spirit of Christmas is a

wonderful reminder of the true meaning of the holiday and how to allow ourselves to be

transformed by Christ’s coming into our lives. It reminds us of the words spoken to the shepherds

on the first Christmas, “Be not afraid!” These simple words hold a message for the world about

opening ourselves up to the love of God. Through a series of beautiful stories exemplifying

this message, this News Note captures the essence of what it means to be transformed by Christmas.

          Our Recovery from Addiction prayer card is now in house and we will be sending copies out to prison ministers and others on the front lines of dealing with this crisis. Please request copies to share within families and communities because prayer has so much power to guide people along the path to healing.

          It’s a Wonderful Life is a film many people watch during the Christmas season and like all classics it has the ability to speak to our lives as poignantly now as it ever did. No matter what problems people may be facing, they can see in this story a man who is brought to the brink by his own struggle and then brought back to life and a sense of gratitude for all he’s been given.

          This is the kind of transformation some people are in such desperate need of during this time of year, whether they are suffering from addiction, mental illness, or just a lack of hope. Let’s remember to pray for them and to commit to doing all we can to restore hope to those who have none. This is the true meaning of Christmas. Christ came to give us hope so that we could share it with others. What an amazing blessing but also a tremendous obligation. Thanks to all Christophers around the world for being willing to share the hope of Christ with the world.

          Merry Christmas!



Mary Ellen Robinson

Vice President/COO

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