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January 2020
Dear Friends,

            This year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of The Christophers. In celebration of this milestone, we are releasing an updated version of the classic Christopher News Note James Keller: Man of Hope. Highlighting some of the pivotal moments in the life of our founder, Father James Keller, M.M., this News Note beautifully illustrates the path he followed to become a leader capable of inspiring others to realize their God-given purpose in life.

            We recently received a note from the CEO of Operation Gratitude, celebrating the delivery of their 2.5 millionth care package to military men and women and first responders. The Christophers donated our Three Minutes a Day books to be included in Operation Gratitude’s care packages. Due to our support, they wanted to share this moment of success with us and to thank us for our contribution. Their CEO wrote: “From the bottom of my heart, Thank YOU for taking action with us and making a difference in the lives of so many service men and women who richly deserve our support and appreciation.”           

mary black and white outfit adj.jpg

Mary Ellen Robinson

Vice President/COO

            We also recently heard from someone at the catechetical office of the Archdiocese of New York, who wrote, “I want to thank you in a special way for your generosity to us by the gift of ‘Three Minutes a Day.’ I share these wonderful books with our new Directors/Coordinators of religious education. Many write back to tell me how helpful the books have been in their daily prayer. We all love ‘Three Minutes’ and are grateful for all you send us.”

            And The Christophers want to express our gratitude to the Xavier Society for the Blind for taking the time to transcribe our latest Three Minutes a Day book into braille. All of Xavier Society’s services are free to their clients, and registration is also free. They have hundreds of primarily Catholic-related books available in braille and in audio format, and the 2020 edition of Three Minutes a Day is available in braille in 4 volumes. Those interested may contact the Xavier Society for the Blind through their website,, or by calling 212-573-7800 or 800-637-9193.

            This month, we celebrate the feast days of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, Saint Francis de Sales, and Saint Thomas Aquinas, who all worked tirelessly to spread the love of Christ through service and education. Let us pray for the intercession of these saints to guide us to share Christ’s message of hope throughout the year and to find the path of service God wants us to follow.

            To all those who have been a part of our mission over the past 75 years, thank you for believing in the power of hope to transform the world. God bless and Happy New Year!


Mary Ellen Robinson

Vice President/COO

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