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       The Christophers are proud to welcome Mark Jackson as Director of Donor Relations. Mark has

enjoyed a long and successful career in the financial industry, and he is excited to bring his intellect,

talent and expertise to the advancement of our mission, and the interests of our donors.          

       Mark grew up as one of eleven children, and attended Catholic schools throughout his academic

career. He was educated by the Sisters of the Holy Cross and the Christian Brothers before going

on to Belmont Abbey College. At Belmont Abbey, Mark formed a lifelong friendship with Abbot Oscar

Burnett, the legendary Benedictine leader who passed away in 2017. Recalling his treasured

friendship with Abbot Oscar, Mark says, “He was known as a disciplinarian, and I have to admit I was a bit frightened of him at first, but we became wonderful friends and remained so until his death.”          

       Mark also studied business at Iona College, and received a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Manhattan College. He credits his success in the financial industry with an old-fashioned understanding of knowing how to establish long-term relationships of trust with people. Mark and his wife, Francine Mary, have two sons and two grandchildren, and he says “that his understanding of the value of each individual in society comes from the dual influences of his faith and family.”          

       Mark has taken inspiration from our organization’s mission for many years, and is eager to join us in continuing the work of The Christophers. He says, “The message that all people have a mission in life to be Christ-bearers is transformative. And I love how The Christophers influence so many people’s lives through the simple message that ‘it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.’ It’s a unique organization, and there is no other like it. The message is universal.”          

       We offer a special thanks to Mark Jackson for the choice he is making to devote his time to The Christophers’ mission. We know he will make a difference in the lives of all people he interacts with on our behalf. Welcome!

Mark E Jackson

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