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2024 TV/Cable/Streaming

Call for Entry

Beginning in May 2024, we will be accepting emailed submissions of your 2024 Christopher Awards entries. Please send download links for viewing to to pass on for judging. 


To be eligible for a Christopher Award, TV/Cable/Streaming programs must premiere during the 2024 calendar year and meet the criteria outlined in our Christopher Awards’ BackgrounderThere are no entry forms for you to fill out and no entry fees. Please submit your titles by November 20, 2024.


The 76th annual Christopher Award winners will be announced in Spring 2025. They will go to writers, producers, directors and illustrators in the publishing, film, broadcast TV/cable/streaming industries.


Reminder: We screen submissions continually throughout the year, so please add us to your ongoing Press/Awards/Premiere screening lists, and send screeners as soon as they’re available for viewing. 



“I love the Christopher Award slogan, Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. I personally believe that with all my heart. I think the movie, ‘Coat of Many Colors,’ a true story from my childhood, really does throw a light on a lot of things like family, hope, love, kindness, understanding, and acceptance. It really spoke to the issue of bullying. I am very proud at how God works through me to shine a light, and to help heal a lot of hurt in a lot of people, and I am very proud of this award.” 

Dolly Parton, executive producer “Coat of Many Colors” TV movie

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