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January 2021
Dear Friends,


            This past year of 2020 was the 75th anniversary year of The Christophers. We  had a very trying

year with the pandemic, but the saying our founder Father James Keller, M.M., left us with It’s better to

light one candle than to curse the darkness” has stayed with us all these years, and this year, this motto

has strengthened the Christophers’ positive resolve more than ever. As we approach the new year of

2021, we plan to keep busier and more actively involved than usual—which, in fact, is just the way we

like it!


            Father James Keller founded The Christophers back in 1945. Some individual programs and

projects may have changed a bit over the years, but our essential message remains the same: “God

has given you a mission entrusted to no one else, and in carrying it out you can change the world.”


            The Christophers has uplifting literature and media programs that circulate throughout the year

- our News Notes, our Christopher Closeup radio program, the weekly newspaper columns and our  “Three Minutes a Day” book, to name a few. Our work is more vital then ever, inspired by the splendid example set down by our founder, and fueled the unfailing support that we receive every day from dear friends and supporters like you.


            That’s why we continue to say thanks - and why we pledge to keep up all the good things that Father Keller began with The Christophers so many years ago.   


            One of our prayer cards at the Christophers’ is dedicated to the Blessed Mother, and reaffirms just how we need her comforting, maternal presence in our daily lives, especially as we enter into a new year.  Hopefully, you all have received this bookmark by now. Allow me to end this message with a couple of key quotes from this poignant  prayer card: “Guide us to reach out to the vulnerable in our midst, to family members, friends, and acquaintances, some of whom may need a helping hand or a kind gesture, so that they can feel God’s loving presence through our actions. You were the first Christopher, Mary, the first Christ-bearer, so we ask for your intercesson as we seek your Son’s divine grace.”


           God bless our Christopher friends and families in 2021—a happy and blessed New Year to all!



Mary Ellen Robinson


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Mary Ellen Robinson


New Year Celebration
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