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February 2022
Dear Friends,


            February 3rd is the Feast of Saint Blaise, when many parishes around the country and the world offer the blessing of throats, an ancient sacramental stemming from Saint Blaise’s association with healings of those with afflictions of the throat. We pray for Saint Blaise to intercede especially for those suffering from Covid during this difficult time, that they might be healed—and that all those with lingering affects from this virus find renewed health.

            And February 14 is the Feast of Saint Valentine, so let us pray for true love to blossom among couples through his intercession. Let us especially pray for young people discerning a vocation to marriage, that they be guided by Christ in their relationships—and for married couples raising children, that they be an inspiration to their children through the love they show to one another.

            In March, The Christophers will be venturing to the Religious Education Congress in Los Angeles, California. This four-day event, hosted by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, brings together educators from a variety of ministries, vocations, and faiths. The Christophers look forward to sharing our inspirational literature with the wonderful people who attend this congress and whose lives are devoted to sharing a message of hope.

            Also in March, The Christophers will be hosting our Weekend Leadership Course at the University of Saint Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary, where we will share our time-tested approach to cultivating leaders with the next generation of priests and laypeople seeking to make a positive difference in our world.  

            We appreciate all the kind words from those who have written to tell us of the importance of our message in their lives. And a special thanks to our donors for making all we do possible. God bless!



Mary Ellen Robinson


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Mary Ellen Robinson


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