July 2020

Dear Friends,

            The Christophers wish everyone a happy and blessed Independence Day. This is a day to honor the sacrifices of those who risked their lives to establish our country as “one nation under God,” and celebrate the ideals of liberty and justice to which they all aspired. May we continue to work towards the achievements of the highest principles of a free and just society so that together, we can build a more peaceful world for both present and future generations.

            July 4 is also the feast day of Saint Elizabeth of Portugal, who was the wife of King Denis of Portugal. Elizabeth lived a very holy life, and even converted her husband to a more consistent practice of the Christian faith. Known for her charity and kindness to the poor, this saint also made amazing strides as a peacemaker, both within her own family and between nations as well. Let us pray for Saint Elizabeth to intercede for us all, and help us bring about the peace we long for - in our families, our nation, and the world at large.

            The Christophers recently notified the winners of our 32nd Annual College Video Contest and our 30th Annual Poster Contest. Quan McWil, a student at the University of Florida, won first prize of this year’s video contest for his WFUT newscast entitled “A Hero Among Us,” which tells the story of Rich Johnson and his outreach to those in need in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. McWil recently sent an e-mail of thanks to The Christophers for this honor, which included this positive observation: “What surprises me, and still intrigues me until this day, are those who…set aside their struggles to help out others and rebuild or improve their communities. After all, making a difference starts with an awareness that we are not alone in any fight, whether it’s a category five hurricane or a global pandemic.”

            High school senior Imani Anaisce King won first place in this year’s poster contest for a personal photograph, in which she is bestowing a kiss on the head of her beaming grandfather, with a caption that reads, “You Can Make a Difference…Fighting the Fight Against Alzheimer’s With Love.” After learning she had won the first prize, Imani wrote to the Christophers in gratitude: “As a student in pursuit of an art education degree, my hope is to continue to volunteer as an advocate to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s. This is how I can…honor my Grampa. Thank you again for choosing me to receive this generous gift. I am truly grateful and humbled.”

            The Christophers are also pleased to announce that our 2021 calendar is completed, printed, and in house. Though we are working remotely in order to keep our staff safe during this trying time, we are still filling mail orders with regular visits to our offices. Due to the circumstances, please expect a slightly longer wait time for orders to arrive. But we encourage everyone to continue to place their orders, and remember that our calendars make great gifts to share with others!

            Thanks to our donors for making all we do possible. We need and appreciate that support, now more than ever. God bless you all!


Mary Ellen Robinson


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Mary Ellen Robinson